Jun 18 2009

Second World Gratitude Gathering

With so many parts of the world in turmoil, and with wars and the potential for wars still increasing, sometimes it seems like things aren’t getting better at all.  But that’s because we aren’t looking at what ELSE is happening, simultaneously.  And there are so many good things going on, all over the planet.  Here’s one that YOU can play. . .

Create heaven-on-earth through our combined energies, focused on the purpose of unified love and peace for all.  This is what the first World Gratitude Gathering attempted, with a fair amount of success in 2008.  No, we don’t yet have global peace; and yes, people are still hungry and suffering.  But we did elect a new progressive African-American president in the USA; more and more people are awakening; and we are rapidly reaching new states of consciousness and awareness that are precursors to the kind of changes that WILL happen.

See,it’s a Universal Law that: what you focus on expands.  If you put anger into your mind (or allow it), anger expands in your life.  But if you put peace and love in your mind, and hold the thought firmly, that is what expands instead.  In fact, the surest way to transform pain and negativity in your mind is to focus on gratitude!  The energy of feeling grateful, even if it’s small in the beginning, will replace any other thought and feeling.  And the extent to which you are able to hold this feeling, determines the quality of what you experience.  Try it!

The first World Gratitude Gathering was so promising that we’re doing it again, during the Summer Solstice window of opportunity.  This Solstice (June 21st, 2009) there will be a burst of cosmic energy that humanity can use to expand the potential for goodness and peace all around our planet.  This is an opportunity we should not miss!  Please join me and the others.  Join the second World Gratitude Gathering, and be supported for 42 days in helping to create Heaven On Earth and in your own life.

After you join, watch for the cool daily suggestions and meditations you’ll get.  They will help you align and connect with all the other millions of people around the planet who are dedicating a few moments of each day toward creating a new, just, kind and loving, peaceful world here on Earth.  THAT is worth your time!

Sign up today, and get ready to change the world — for the better — this year.


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3 Responses to “Second World Gratitude Gathering”

  1. Stacey Robynon 18 Jun 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Thank you, Thank you for sharing the word on World Gratitude and for joining us on this amazing journey into the Heart of NOW! What a grande adventure this will be!

    Ukehi Shi’bijii (Thank you for being my heart)

    Stacey Robyn

  2. […] Nancy at Indigo Coach conveys the announcement of (and gives us reason to think about ) the “Second World Gratitude Gathering.” […]

  3. Nancyon 26 Jun 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Thank you so much for the acknowledgement, and for all the good work you’re doing! Many blessings always.

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