Mar 28 2007

We’re In An Accelerated Shift. Again.

In January, our Earth moved through the tail of a comet, which shed some of its strange energy into all of our daily paths. That, coupled with the other accelerated energy streams moving through all matter for the past two years, and continuing almost daily, make for a challenging brew.

I and almost everyone I know has reported strange feelings, dreams, physical symptoms, and events. An Indigo friend and associate of mine, Beth Ilanah, offers this observation:

“I had several weeks where I was just so skewed (to an unusual degree for me). Seems like some of the other lightworkers I was corresponding with were quite skewed as well . Obviously some of that was retrograde. But what else? I finally realized that some of that may be us helping process the movie the Secret on the collective level. I was feeling the polarity of what I really didn’t want in my own life, which just clarified even stronger what I know I’m going to choose to create. But that happens often for me since I’m willing to shift it. This time it was much denser and harder to shift though. It seemed like we were all working on ourselves but now I realize so were SO many other people all of a sudden with the Secret impacting worldwide. Since we’re at the forefront, I think we were feeling lots of the resistance that the COLLECTIVE is working through right now. So what do we do to realign solidly with our centers? I’m trying to focus on joy and things that feel good. What are other people doing and finding effective this week?”

I will be sharing some resources here in just a moment, that can help you gain perspective, refresh your spirit, recalibrate your system, and get ready for whatever is next. (There WILL be a “next” you know. . . )

Personally, I’ve been both more exhilarated, astonished, and exhausted — sometimes all at the same time — than I have ever been before. Whole weeks go by when no matter how long I sleep it feels like I need another 36 hours. And when I do sleep, wow — the DREAMS!! They have been simply incredible. Some of them are so totally other-worldly that I have to wonder where they are coming from, and what they mean — as never before.

My body has gone through so many weird phases, especially since the first of the year, that unless it really bothers me I just make a mental note and know that it will pass as long as I allow the energies to keep flowing — and it does. Mostly. In many ways I have never felt better. But in other ways I almost feel like my whole system is being re-vamped.

There has been talk that human DNA is actually changing — and sometimes I think mine has for sure.

The main, constant things I know are these:

  • Do whatever I can to connect with Nature. Regularly.
  • Comfort and soothe my body when it needs it.
  • Rest and eat healthy as much as possible.
  • Watch my feelings and thoughts — notice when I want to react, and call the thoughts back. Keep them within my own energy field and don’t release them until they are as I wish them to be.
  • Stay accountable to my vision of peace, love, and light.
  • Do the work. Whatever that happens to be at any given moment.
  • Stay connected to Source.

These things all work. (I have to be vigilant with them, but they work.)

Oh. And I’ve been using flower essences like crazy! They work too.

In my next post I’ll share more ideas, tips, and solid resources to help. Meanwhile, thank you — for shining YOUR Light here on our planet right now.


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