Jun 15 2008

Views From Top of the Day

Here’s an exchange I had with one of my readers. (It’s kind of long, but worth a read.)

Some of you may not know that I write 3 newsletters (and have another blog) — so you might be missing out on some of the other good stuff. This is the first time I am sharing it with other my Indigo Coach readers, because it’s so timely.

First of all, here is the quote and text from Tuesday, June 10th Top of the Day:


“The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.” — Brian Tracy

DayToppers’ Daily Message

Why is it that what you’re looking for seems to always be in the wrong place, or that what really best matches your soul’s yearnings is not what you thought it would be? That’s one of Life’s great enigmas — and wonders.

Instead of living fearfully, worrying about all the things that could go wrong, today switch gears. Focus entirely — and strictly — on discovering opportunities for something good. And follow them. Engage with them.

Your life will instantly shift — toward a different path that attracts wonderful things into your world.

Try it. And tell me what you notice.


After the issue went out, I got this message from one of my long-time readers:

Dear Nancy,

As I drove into work this morning, I wondered what today’s Daytoppers would say. I wondered because I am feeling the pressure of today’s economic crisis.

I live in California where I am paying $4.53 for a gallon of gas. I am a single mother with 3 sons, and I am trying to do the best that I can. But it is hard and I am feeling discouraged and stressed.

Nancy, how can I not live in fear or not worry when things look so bleek? If you look at Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (source: Wikipiedia), how can I “discover opportunities” when my basic needs are being challenged?

I would love to hear from you…..”

Sound familiar? Lots of folks are facing dilemmas JUST like this, every day now.

Wanna hear what I said? Here it is:

Yes this is indeed a growing challenge — and will provide equal opportunities. But the key to finding and identifying opportunities (and putting them to use) lies in the ability to remain unattached to outcomes.

In my experience, so long as I INTEND something a particular way, my choice has closed other doors. If I remain open to it being a different (possibly better) way, then new doors open that I would not have seen because I was looking for (and wanting) something else instead.

Just this morning I was talking with friends about the issue of high gas prices — which will most likely result in many more opportunities to work from home, and other new ways to work.

Here’s a coaching question for you on this:

“If you were not attached to driving every day, what might become a new way for you to take a new direction with your career? What would open up for you, if being in the same physical location were not required?”

Or, alternatively, here’s one of my favorite questions to ask when I’m stumped:

“What question do I need to ask about this, that will open for me the best answers?”

Ask — and listen — for your doors 🙂

Hope this helps!

Love and light,


P.S. Stay with the love. Fear-energy closes doors; love opens them :-)”
Two days later, here’s what I got back from the reader;
Dear Nancy,

You are so right-on! Before I read your reply, doors opened today.

1. When I got home from work, I received a call from my financial aid counselor letting me know that my grants/student loans was approved. I’ll be going back to school in July! I will be receiving anywhere from $600 to $1,000 each term (8 weeks) after tuition is paid. This extra income will come in handy. Plus, the great news is that I will get my degree in about 16 months.

2. I was reading the current issue of “O” At Home. I came across an article about charities that assist families who were uprooted by Hurricane Katrina, and how one can help. Well, my thought shifted. Instead of just focusing on the economy and feeling depressed, I started to realize that other people were worst off. I was immediately humbled. I had an urgent need to help. Guess what? Even though I don’t have much money, I gave $10.00 to a charity listed in the magazine. It’s not much, but I was moved by compassion to do something.

3. Then, I read your reply, and I felt the love! Thank you so much for your advice. I now get it! I feel doors and windows are opening. 🙂

Thanks Nancy! I had a great day!”

Now that’s what I like to hear!
The point of this post is, you can “know” all you want — but you also have to put what you know into action. And trust.
It isn’t always easy — but if you stay with the Love, stay connected with Source, you will be led. You will get what you need. Despite all appearances.
So I say this one more time, in case you missed it:
Stay away from the fear.
Go with the Light. and stay connected with Source/Love.
That’s where the magic — and opportunities — are waiting for you.
Oh. One more thing. I just made a new flower essence formula to assist you with manifesting whatever you intend. It is a sister/companion essence to my Quantum Prosperity formula, and I’ll be writing more about that over on my Dances With Flowers blog. You will be able to order it from my web site starting June 17th.
Many blessings,


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  1. Josh Maxwellon 15 Jun 2008 at 7:00 pm

    I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. Suzanne Bird-Harrison 20 Jun 2008 at 9:01 am

    Great minds are thinking alike again, Nancy. I just wrote about this at my blog (it’ll be the link at the end of this, thanks to CommentLuv!)

    It helps me to remember that I am a Spiritual Being, temporarily manifested right now as a human being. That comforts me because it reminds me that all my ‘human being’ problems are temporary, too.


    Suzanne Bird-Harriss last blog post..Operating On A ?Need To Know? Basis

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