Sep 30 2008

Transpartisanship? What Kinda Ship Is THAT??

Last year I posted a link to a (then) new site I really liked, called the Transpartisanship Alliance. Here’s my original post on that. But since a reader kindly (???) commented about it (noticing that I didn’t say much about what inspired me about it ~ and that’s true) I decided it’s time to revisit this and say more.

So first of all, here is the page on the Transpartisanship Alliance site that lists their description, mission, values and program.

Now here’s the thing. It’s easy to see that partisan politics creates a polarity (usually along the lines of “me good/you bad”) ~ from which it seems impossible to even generate dialogue, let alone common ground. And the world is mired in such energy!

If there is to be progress, often it takes a third or fourth vector to break the polarity. Sometimes that’s an outside threat of some kind (in the case of warring factions around the planet, that might be, say, a stray asteroid on a collision course with Earth) — something completely outside the dynamic, that causes the polarity to break apart in service to something greater.

Now, I highlighted that phrase on purpose! Polarity-mind is self-serving. It cannot serve everyone. While there is a lot of energy locked up in the struggle, the energy cannot be put to a different use. (Keep that in mind.)

If we Indigos really want to be change agents, we have no farther to look than where there is polarity going on. If we can create a big enough reason (or “threat”) to the polarity, it will fall apart. So there’s that.

But you know something? The other, bigger reasons why I like Transpartisanship ideas are because they are aligned with my own values.

Look. If I had to define myself politically, I’d probably have to say that I’m a Progressive Green. I’m not Liberal, Independent, or necessarily party-affiliated. I just know in my soul the way things COULD be ~ and so far they aren’t even close yet.

More and more people are waking up, and more and more people are starting to get conscious, and so on. But I still don’t see Indigo values reflected out there to the degree they will be in another decade, even.

The media hype will tell you differently; but then, most of “the media” is part of the same polarity. (There’s another thing to change. . .,)

But Transpartisanship is on the right track. Until something better comes along, it’s worth my attention. Maybe yours too.

Let me know what you think!


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  2. Ireneon 19 Oct 2008 at 2:11 am

    Dear Nancy,
    I agree wholeheartedly. We need to rise above, to transsend to the new.
    A few days ago friend of mine was telling me that not only was Americas’ finances in turmoil but that of many other countries in the world. He listed Russia, Australia, Iceland, and England. He was very distrought.
    I was not, I imediately saw that the world would have to change, have to come together to deal with “money”. The ecomnomy has such value, certainly over the other issuses such as starvation or ecology in the world. It had to be a circumstance that got the attention of everyone, rich and poor alike. Something that threatened the world as we now know it.
    I was energized and hopeful in the “unifying response” to the “global economic crisis”.
    I likened it to the Phoenix crashing and burning and rising again re-newed. He pointed out that the crashing and burning part was not pleasant. I reluctantly agreed but I said it hurt a lot less if you knew of the greater good to come.
    He reluctantly agreed. If we can wholeheartedly agree and hold to the hope and the Light of the greater good to come it will come much quicker, easier and harmoniously.
    Much peace,

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