Nov 21 2006

Time To Crank Up The Inner Knowing

The following comes to me via an old friend. It is a topic near and dear to my heart. I thought it would be a nice Thanksgiving treat for all of you ===>

I awoke this morning to an amazing pulse of energy. The first visual I had was of a pebble being dropped into the water, rippling out in concentric circles, however those circles quickly became a powerful movement. It was like a heart beat that kept getting stronger and stronger. I connected immediately with the energy of the collective child. I can still feel this amazing building of energy, like waves moving out across the ocean as far as they can go, but this time the waves do not dissipate. Once they reach there furthest point, they return to the original pulse and start again even stronger. The image was that of the waves rolling underneath themselves at the furthest point out and then coming back up through the middle to begin again. I asked the children about this energy and what may be needed. The response was, “This is an energy that brings awareness.”

The energy of the collective child is asking us to help them consciously remember the source within themselves that creates all change. Change is only created through awareness. It is important for you to know that the collective energy of the child put forth this energetic pattern for you to be aware of. The collective energy of child would like you to know they consciously or unconsciously put forth this energetic pattern so that you, the adults in their environment would pick up the energy and act it out. So what is to be acted out?

The children are now asking to be consciously reminded on their own inner knowing. For as long as most of us remember we have been “taught” consciously and unconsciously that the truth resides outside of us. We have been trained to look outside for the answers.

This seeking outside of ourselves has led our population to depression. When we look outside ourselves for the answers, we find answers that belong to others. Those answers may resonant for a moment or two and may even point us in a particular direction but rarely do they satisfy the deeper calling to know ourselves as the “knower”?. We have trained our children in every way to seek validation from those in “authority”?, but have neglected to teach them of their own inner authority.

What does this look like on a very practical plane? How can we demonstrate this to our children? We begin by not giving them the answers. We can not assume that we know what is “right”? for them. We can only know that for ourselves. We can demonstrate the process that we use to reach our own inner knowing, we can show them that the process has worth and we can encourage them to go within in their own way. Every time you muscle test, dowse, meditate or take a few minute to listen to yourself before responding to a question, there is a powerful message that is set forth. The message is that there is something inside to listen to. There is something that resides within each of us that knows. From the earliest stages in life we can return the child to themselves. We can be the mature adults that we are meant to be and return the energy to its rightful place. We all love to feel needed. We all love to feel as if we are the authority. Society has trained us to believe that there is worth in that. That is a mental construct that keeps each of us seeking more information and the cycle of authority remains in motion. When it gets right down to it, we are afraid to let go of a sense of authority. We are afraid that if we do not have the answers for another that we will be viewed as unworthy. When in truth, the greatest gift that we can offer another is the gift of a fully awakened self. We can not teach that. We can only be that.

Just for a day, ask your children to return to themselves for the answers. “Mom, what should I do about Julie? She won’t be my friend any more?” Instead of telling you child your history or jumping in with the answer, ask them what they feel they should do. The word feel is key here. We have all become disassociated with our feelings. Our feelings atrophy as we ask someone else for the answer. If someone else can tell us what to do and even why we should do it, then there is no need for us to feel anything. Those feelings are the body’s ability to register knowing into the physical senses. Those feelings help make connections. Our current pattern of looking outside of self teaches us to think things through. In most cases, someone else gives us an answer and the answer does not feel completely “right”for us so we begin to think it through. We try to make it fit. All the while, denying the very feelings that are screaming “this does not quite fit.” Our training then says “Maybe we should think on it a little more.” Round and round we go, never stopping long enough to know we have the answer.

I will guarantee that if you ask you child to find the answer inside, they will initially be upset with you. “Just give me the answer” they will scream in one way or another. That will be your first sign that the skill of inner knowing has atrophied from lack of use. When you ask them “How does this situation feel to you?” listen to their response. From this response you will know exactly how connected they are or are not to that inner awareness.

Most of our children come to this planet connected to this inner knowing and through the basic social model quickly loose this skill. This is not new information, however now you can hear how important it is to create another model for your child. Now the masses can apply this level of awareness to their own lives and see the true value of inner knowing. This is the very energy that is causing every social construct to begin to crumble. This collective awakening to the truth that each of us “knows” is rattling public education, governments, religious institutions and every other man made sense of authority.

The children are asking now that you remember to seek authority within and as you remember, model that back to them so that the cycle of knowing develops strength that perpetuates itself into the awareness of every human being. The quiet sound of inner knowing is the very sound that crumbles all false authority. Let’s crank up the power and KNOW!

In Gratitude, Suzy

Now, if YOU are the Indigo (child or adult) — your know what to do with this message. Take it and use it. Share it with everyone you know — teachers, friends, parents, family. It’s time!


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