Oct 17 2008

Can You Thrive In All The Chaos?

Short answer? Yes!

Long Answer? Read on. . .

Creativity is born out of chaos. It’s the amazing, sometimes delirious soup of continually shifting energy fields, where ideas are the only currency ~ to be traded for action and manifestation.

Read that sentence again. Slowly.

Innovation requires chaos. That’s where you find all the juicy, valuable ideas. Don’t be afraid of chaos! In fact, abandon your fear and jump into the creative stream to discover where it will lead you.

It certainly will take you to a different place than you are now. And if you’re stuck? Getting to a different place is going to be a GOOD thing!

You may need to have a clean, well-organized space where you meditate, think or work. That’s fine. But do allow your mind to wander the rich fields of chaos, especially when you feel stuck. Chaos is the playground for the daring!

And that word “play”? You just gotta be doing more of that! Yes. That means YOU!

We all need to engage the playful, creative energy field ~ much more often than we usually do. For one thing, the times and challenges demand it.

But the deeper reason? Well, that’s where Source/the Divine has hidden all the goodies meant for the future. It’s all right there waiting for you to claim 🙂

But that’s just my opinion.

What’s yours?


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6 Responses to “Can You Thrive In All The Chaos?”

  1. Ashleyon 17 Oct 2008 at 7:03 pm

    This is why I love working with kindergardeners. But let me back track. I am creative. I’m inventive. I love arts and crafts, stories, word play, and really love to get creative when problem solving. I also work as a teacher’s aide (I refused to be a traditional teacher). Though there is structure, every day is different. You have to be on your toes, flexible, and wear clothes you can get messy in.

    It is the only job I can think of where I get to color, paint, do arts and crafts, teach, and give out stickers and high fives. Kindergarden is chaos, and if you don’t believe me, watch Kindergardener Cop (that was my day yesterday) or visit the little ones during lunch. But if you let it, working there can bring out the inner child for a game of duck duck goose.

    Play time–any play time– does a body, mind, and spirit good 😀

  2. Ireneon 19 Oct 2008 at 1:49 am

    Dear Nancy,
    It is 2:43 in the morning and I am in the right place at the right time. Feeling very lost in the chaos, I truly required to be pointed in the right direction.
    Like many others I very much enjoy the “security” of structure; everything in order, at least the way I see order. But when the Divine steps in and shakes things up I don’t always appreciate it.
    I need to trust whatever I AM feeling at the time. Thank you. I am going to play now and enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Wheeeeeeee!
    Much gratitude and peace,

  3. Nancyon 19 Oct 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Hi Irene,

    Ah yes, that middle-of-the-night thing. Sometimes I believe we are either awake at that hour (or awakened from a sound sleep) just because the conscious world needs a little bit more, well, “waking up”!

    So thanks for making a contribution (and for anyone else who finds themselves awake when they would perhaps rather be sleeping.)

    It’s appreciated ~ even if those who benefit don’t ever know who to thank 🙂

    Much love,


  4. Ashleyon 19 Oct 2008 at 11:53 pm

    (nearly bed time here… when all these thoughts can filter through my fingertips)


    Something you said (about the Divine shaking things up) reminded me of something a friend recently said:

    “How else are you supposed to get the fruit from the tree? Sometimes, you have the right tools, but nothing beats a good ole-fashioned shake!”

    I’m also reminded of the numerous almond orchards around town, and the means by which they harvest the almonds (shake the tree), as well as the custom of shaking hands during introductions (the fruit of this activity being friendship).

    Then there are those shake-ups that truely jolt us. The big, unexpected ones like departures, deaths… earthquakes (or other forms of natural disasters). Yes, they are seen as tragic, scary, sad… but remind us of what we have, what (and who) is important.

    I really don’t know what my point is, only that you reminded me of a few things and then I went on a tangent.

    This may or may not be a shared perspective, but I think of it like this: the more grounded you are in the physical world and it’s dramas (drama used as a positive term here), the more you feel the shakes and quakes of change. But if you are not tied to life as so many define it (taking on more of a spiritual or wholeistic perspective here) then it’s as if you have a surfboard and can ride the waves that come along instead of finding yourself tossed about by them.

    …maybe it’s just me.

    Like, if your happiness, your future, everything is tied to your day-to-day life, then any change affects every aspect of your being and you life. But if change is just change, and your happiness or future or whatever isn’t tied to how you do in school, at work, with romance… then it doesn’t matter so much if you had a bad day at work. You are still you, unchanged by life or fate or what you may term it. What’s that line, “…this world will know that it will not change me.” It’s that. If you don’t let the world change you, it does not affect your ability to thrive, be healthy, be happy, be loved… But if your life and livelyhood is tied to how well you do at work that week, then the world (money, work, whatever “your world” becomes) holds power over things like your feelings, wellbeing, stress.

    Does this make sense?

    It’s late. G’night all.

  5. Nancyon 20 Oct 2008 at 7:52 am

    Hey Ashley, what a great comment about “shaking up”! And of course you’re right, if we ground to Source, then no matter what’s going on we will “ride it out” safely ~ often with relative ease.

    This reminds me of my much younger days when I used to ride horseback some.

    When I kept my consciousness and connection with the horse centered through my spine, using my feet and legs like a fulcrum, then no matter what happened I stayed on the horse and relatively comfortable.

    The two times I forgot? I got thrown off. Literally.

    It pays to remember how you are connected ~ and with what. And to remember that this is something you can choose, again and again, moment to moment.

    Is it time to check your connections?

    Fun thread.

    Thanks for all your comments 🙂


  6. Ireneon 21 Oct 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Thank God for being able to choose again. Forgiveness and freedom to choose again.
    Thank you, Nancy for the reminder.

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