“Just a note to say “You go Indigo!” It just “clicked” in my head that YES that’s who I am too and that’s why Nancy works so well as a coach for me. WE INDIGOS NEED YOU!! I want to thank you for the wonderful support you gave me in our phone session yesterday! Every single subject I brought up you were able to go there with me! And those were some pretty far out there, esoteric topics. And yet you were able to perceive and comprehend and add amazing insights into all the ideas I expressed. I felt bathed with support and Love. You are awesome and what you do is so needed. I am THRIVING with your support and encouragement. I have no other person who speaks this “language” with the clarity and depth you do. Truly you were sent to do this work. And others with similar sensitivities (and I know a LOT of us!) will contact you for support as the word gets passed along: Nancy Knows!!! Go ask her, she understands.

It’s quite the right time to step into this space to let the world at large know. I support you and congratulate you. I believe you offer a wonderful resource of support and information that certain people in the know will seek, and when they find you… MAGIC!!

Please know that I think you are fantastic!”

— Vallerie Huygue, Indigo Healer and Writer

“Nancy is responsive to my needs, knowing things and how to proceed. She is on target, intuitive. She LISTENS deeply to what I?m struggling with. She is positive and upbeat always, and I need lots and lots of that. She is uplifting, giving me the kind of hope I want in the form of refreshing enthusiasm. She is so full of energy, I call her The Energizer.” I always come away from our calls feeling energized and hopeful. She doesn?t say it in words, but I always feel that I can DO this, I can help others have a better life. Nancy is a giving person, so willing to share. If you are looking for a remarkable coach, look no further. Nancy is IT!”

— Anne Gooding, PhD, Psychotherapist, Writer and Life Coach, Mother of Adult Indigo daughter

“I felt connected to someone who was similar to me and that I finally felt heard.” — Adult Indigo Woman

“I so appreciate your commitment to our coaching – you have taught me about choice ? raised my level of awareness to the Universe/peace and our planet ? given me back the power of thinking ? patience ? and that I CAN create, create, create!! Thank you for believing in me.”

— Jackie Diaz-Sampol, Mother of Adult Indigo daughters

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