Jun 18 2009

Second World Gratitude Gathering

With so many parts of the world in turmoil, and with wars and the potential for wars still increasing, sometimes it seems like things aren’t getting better at all.  But that’s because we aren’t looking at what ELSE is happening, simultaneously.  And there are so many good things going on, all over the planet.  Here’s one that YOU can play. . .

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Nov 21 2008

Another Round of Gratitude

Several weeks ago I posted a link here for a very cool initiative about gratitude. The original series has completed now, but they will soon be doing this again. Timely, yes?

If you were part of it the first time, you will be getting information soon about what’s next.

If you didn’t join yet, I’d highly recommend you do — and get caught up with all the goodies. Then get ready for their next steps.

Here’s where to learn more: World Gratitude Project. Join us and help uplift the vibration on the planet!

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Oct 08 2008

World Gratitude Gathering

October 1, 2008 two things happened, both of enormous portent:

1) The financial markets in the US began a cascading crash that as of this date has still not been stabilized. That’s a symbol of what is clearly not in alignment with Light and Love.

2) World Gratitude Gathering launched. This is a symbol of what we can create with Light and Love.

It is so intensely ironic that something so dark and something so filled with joy, should issue forth on the very same day. But here we also see the balance in play: both darkness and light are part of the whole. We are learning to dance well with both.

It is worth remembering that even babies require the fertile darkness in which to grow, as does the seed from which the oak arises. In this darkness are also the seeds of possibility for what we would like to create in its place.

So let us use the moment to engage with our highest and most sacred desires for how we would like to live here on Planet Earth. The choice is here before us.

I have already made my choice.

Which will you choose?

Perhaps you would like to explore an alternative to darkness: World Gratitude Gathering . It’s worth your time.

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Oct 02 2008

What’s 42 and Worth Your Time?

Well for one thing, World Gratitude Gathering! The link I’m sharing here has a brief list of some of the ways the number 42 is meaningful, But most of all, it’s the length of a new initiative (42 days) to raise the vibration and consciousness of our species (that would be us humans) on the planet.

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