Aug 25 2006

Hey, Maybe Our Meditations Are Working. . .

Hey, we are almost through summer, and there have been NO severe hurricanes as predicted! That is awesome.

I don’t know about you, but I think some of our meditations are working.

Keep practicing your connections with the core of our Mother the Earth, with the vast unmanifest potential of the Cosmos above, and with the Heart of Love we all carry.

The last issue of Nitid Lumiere contains a good one to practice. Please let me know if you would like another copy of it for yourself or for your friends.

The latest storm center is in the Atlantic right now; may it do what it needs to do, and dissipate harmlessly at sea, for the benefit of the planet and all its beings. Remember to do your meditations on weather whenever you hear news of storm systems forming anywhere on the planet. Working co-creatively with Nature can only help!

We will have much work to do this fall, with both planetary and “human” weather, as the astrological aspects have been very severe and will continue for the immediate future. I will keep you posted as much as I can, but also do use your own “tuning forks” to stay attuned and alert, and be ready to shine Light where it is needed.

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Jul 28 2006

More Dealing With Storms

Lightning has passed through the lands where we live, destroying ancient trees and homes. People have lived without power for more than a week, in a part of the world where this has seldom been experienced before.

Summer storms arise around the planet without much warning, bringing untold destruction in their path. The earth moves uneasily, as the beings upon her become restless and fearful with the thunder of wars and unhappiness.

Killing is once again ravaging peaceful lands, and the innocent suffer.

We who hold Light in our hearts know there are different ways, better ways. In the interests of increasing love energy and healing — making it available to all who suffer– I offer a meditation below. Please read it, share it with others, and do this or one you like better, as often as possible. Through the Law of Harmonic Resonance, the vibration will extend to bless and heal you and all your relations.

Your work is important! Give it your attention, and never for one moment doubt (no matter how horrible outside events may appear) that it helps.

Today more violent storms and lighting strikes are predicted here; may all be safe as the Earth helps the atmosphere to become clear and whole.

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