Aug 10 2009

Weather Alert

While the forecasts for the Atlantic were way off base this year (and scientists have since downgraded their predictions to reflect an unusually calm summer) we;ve got trouble in the Pacific Ocean.  Giant storms have hit the coasts of Japan and China, and a possible tsumani warning has just been issued for the southeast coast of India.

Not getting accurate or timely global news in the US is a definite challenge, but as soon as I hear something I will let you know about it.  That’s what I’m doing right now.

All those who meditate or work with Nature are called to connect immediately with the air, waters, and storm systems all over the world, especially in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans.  We want to ask Nature to discharge its energy in a way that causes no harm to life forms or property; that is the general principle.  We have proven time and again that this is not only possible, but a desirable way to help things remain stable.

If you would like a link to some of our previous meditations about working with the weather and Nature, go here and here.

We can make a difference; I’m sorry we got a late start on this one, but if you connect as soon get this message, and pass it along to your friends, there is still time to prevent it from being even worse.

When I get a chance I will try to find storm maps and see if I can link to them from here.

As always, thank you so much for your light, and for the love you carry for all living things!

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Aug 18 2008

Hurricane Fay

Well we have a new storm system in the Atlantic right now. Hurricane Fay is fixing to kick up a bunch of trouble. Her energy reading is “mischievous” right now — and she really could do some damage.

When I tuned in this morning, what I got was that the elements in the 100-150 mile radius of the tip of Florida really need to “blow off some steam.” The earth really needs to do some energy discharge in this area. That’s Fay’s purpose — to blow off some of that steam.

What I recommend for a meditation is that we ask Fay to direct the energy upward (toward the skies) rather than downward (toward land or sea) — and that the opportunity for resolution come over the seas rather than on land. To do this, Fay would need to turn direction.

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Jul 11 2008

Summer Storms and Weather Alerts

Today I got the first notice about a storm system brewing in the Atlantic Ocean; Hurricane Bertha will actually be the second named hurricane of the season. Those of us who are doing earth-grid work, should take notice.

The work that we have done together in assisting the Earth to do the needed cleansing without the trauma of damage to people or property, is deeply rewarding. But there are not yet enough of us doing that work, and doing it consistently. I want to offer some additional suggestions for making our work more effective and consistent this summer and beyond. Continue Reading »

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