Jun 19 2009

11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws ~ One

The Unversal Law of Free Will : The Spiritual Law of Freedom of Man

This Law is the prime directive of the Universe.  One’s power of choice is sacred.  Therefore, a person is free to make such choices.  Where this Law is broken, much suffering follows.  it is not the Will of Source that any being suffer.  Therefore, although one is free to choose, one is also response-able to choose wisely, so as not to cause harm to either oneself or any other living creature.

All sentient beings are designed to be free, and to exercise their right to make their own choices.

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Jun 18 2009

11:11 ~ Eleven Universal Laws

Recently I came across (and NOT by accident, I’m sure. . . ) the real meaning of the 11:11 sign.  While there are many interpretations and interesting web sites about this topic, when I saw this information, I suddenly understood.  It all came clear.  I believe it will for you as well.

Here’s the REAL story. . .

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