May 18 2009

New Indigo Adults Book

There’s a good new book just out about Indigo Adults, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you what’s in it and how it can help you.

This book covers a very different kind of look at the phenomenon of adult Indigos, why we’re here, and why so many of us feel so challenged. The hopeful message about what we can become is probably worth the price alone — but apart from that, there is some very useful content about the chakras and how our collective transformation process as humans is changing our chakras in ways we may or may not personally understand.

Because I am also a flower essence practitioner, i am seeing some of these changes to the chakras big time. This is one reason why I recently created an entire line of chakra balancing flower essences. (You can read more about ~ and order ~ them here.)

Even though I’m not finished reading the new book yet, I can tell this is going to be tremendously helpful for every adult Indigo — and even some of the teens. Please get the book and share it with your friends and family!

And if you’re feeling stressed or challenged in particular ways, PLEASE turn to the flowers to help you. Flower essences are very gentle, natural, healthy ways to make things right with your electrical systems — and they support ALL the changes and transformations we’re going through.

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Dec 18 2008

Is Quantum Success In YOUR Future?

The past week while I was ordering books for gifts, I discovered a new book that I decided to get for myself, just to see how she approached a topic I’ve been working with for a while now (more on that in a minute) ~ Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness.

And you know what? It IS a science, in my opinion..

Well, the book came and I grabbed it as I was heading out the door to the train, to start reading in transit. As I looked at the topics, I started to smile ~ because I knew the author is covering everything that you need to know, to be able to create as much prosperity, happiness, achievement, and health as you want in your life. Continue Reading »

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Sep 05 2008


There is no other way to say this. My dear friend Cyn Liggett, who is Executive Director of a fabulous program called Life’s Headwaters (and where I tithe several hours a month as a volunteer coach) sent me to several completely awesome new web sites.

You just have to go look — and hear. . .I can’t begin to describe it. But I’ll tell you this. When i got there, it made me weep with joy.

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May 24 2007

If I Had One Prayer

Published by under Resources For Indigos

This was sent to me from James Twyman. I almost didn’t read it — and I’m so glad I did.

Here it is:

“First of all, I hope you’ll check out a f’ree video on from a new friend, Karl Anthony. His song “One Prayer” made me weep, and hope you’ll trust me and see it for yourself. Use this link:

If I Had One Prayer

This one song could change your life. It is one of the most important messages of our time, and it’s presented so wonderfully. Give yourself the gift of watching this video today.”

As I was listening to this song, all I could think of were the times I have been quick to anger, and how I did not want those angry feelings to ever hurt another,

I thought of all the tragic killings the world has witnessed — of how much has been lost in war and violence.

I thought of all the beautiful children in the world, innocent and filled with hope.

And I thought of you.

Please take a few moments now to receive this simple gift:

If I Had One Prayer

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Mar 28 2007

Resources, Tools and Tips for Indigo Kids, Teens, and Adults

Here is a short list of some things that really help. You might want to print this list out and save it, for when you need it — and share it with others.

  • Karen Bishop, writing for What’s Up On Planet Earth (and in her books on the Ascension Process) talks about what it’s like as we evolve more rapidly than humans have ever done before. I’d especially like you to read her “Energy Reports”, which are archived on the site. I think they help validate and confirm some of the symptoms and changes many of us have been experiencing. The most common reaction from my clients about her Energy Reports? “You mean I’m not going crazy???” Here’s the link for Karen’s site:
  • Would you like a simple way to clear your aura of negativity, and of unwanted energies? This is how to do it without chemicals: . Get more info at this site. Oh, and if your sleep has been disturbed? This will solve it for you — 100% naturally.
  • If you would like to find a sure ally to keep your electrical system functioning at optimum, you need to explore the world of flower essences. Flower essences are the ONLY modality that specifically addresses — and reconnects — your electrical system. For an Indigo, this is key! You are more sensitive that other folks — and get “dinged” all the time. The flowers know how to put you right. Go here: and find out more now, to get all the support YOUR system needs.
  • Finally, with everything happening so fast, it’s hard to stay on top of it all and keep your life as organized as you’d like it to be. Are you tired of the clutter in every room of your home? Is your To Do list a mile long? Do you wish you — or your family — was better organized? Are you drowning in paper? Are you wondering what you can do to stop procrastinating and start getting things done? Do you want more time in your day for your family and the things you love to do? Would you like to get organized, once and for all?
    If so, I highly recommend the book, ‘Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home.’ I can honestly say, it’s one of the best organizing books on the market. For more information, visit: and Get Organized Now!
  • This list will give you the main resources that you need, to stay balanced and healthy. I’ll add more resources in future, as I become aware of them. And please feel free to let me know what is sustaining YOU!!

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Sep 26 2005

Finding Resources For Our Indigo Children

Published by under Coaching Indigos

Many parents with children who ?don?t fit in? — some diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, some with behavioral challenges, some wise beyond their years, and some, well, just ?different? ? can find help for their children from an unexpected resource: Reiki healers!

Many of our children are coming in with attributes that require different solutions than the current system is set up to deliver:

  • They need to move their bodies more frequently, as a way to process the energies they experience either from the learning experience itself or from their fellow students and environment.
  • They have multiple kinds of intelligence — and multiple learning styles.
  • They are gifted in one or more areas — not necessarily academically.
  • They thrive when they are given the opportunity to help create their own solutions.
  • They are supersensitive to stimuli, as well as what they ingest (re: what they eat and drink.) They may respond by having allergies and/or asthma.

If your child is one of these supersensitive kids, then you might want to consider trying Reiki. Reiki practitioners are trained to work with the movement of energy, which is one of the urgent needs such children have — and will benefit from. It is a natural symbiosis for the Reiki healer to work with sensitive children, since there is likely to be a spiritual connection for the children with someone who understands energy like Reiki healers do — and the healers will almost surely understand the children as well.

If your family has one or more of the ?New Kids? (as described above), then seek out and try Reiki for them. You might be startled and amazed at the changes in your child when s/he has the foundational support that really helps them be who they really are, without having to fit into someone else?s idea of what that is ?supposed? to be. You can expect anything from physical to emotional and behavioral changes as a result.

If you are really bold, add some yoga, biofeedback, flower essences, and meditation for your child on top of it — show them how to find the quiet place inside when they need it — and they will quickly learn how to monitor themselves throughout the day.


Nancy Boyd is an Adult/Elder Indigo, who coaches parents, teens, and childrenon issues of daily concern. She is also a Certified Bach Flower Therapist, specializing in creating custom blended formulas for people, children, and their pets. We invite you to subscribe to this blog and our newsletters, to learn more.


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