Apr 28 2007

Rhonda Byrne Reveals HER Secret

*Rhonda Byrne reveals HER secret*. . . and you can listen in

Were you able to get on the call with Rhonda Byrne, to hear her tell the inside story about her blockbuster movie The Secret? In case you missed it (it was awesome) I sneaked you f’ree access here, so that you can get the real story and how it all works. It’s ready for you right now! Rhonda’s message has never been more important than now. It’s a message of hope and inspiration — not fear, gloom and doom. If you have already heard it before, you can go back and listen again — any time you like.

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Mar 28 2007

“Did You Know?”

I’m not going to tell you anything about this one, except to say “You have to see this!” It’s a short video presentation created by a high school student (wonder if he’s Indigo??) that is. . .aww, just go see it:


After I looked at this, I could not stop thinking about all the possibilities. . .

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Sep 27 2006

What Is Our Ultimate Reality?

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This question must pop into your mind at least as often as it does mine.

  • Virtual Reality.
  • Absolute Reality.
  • Relative Reality.
  • Quantum Reality.
  • Real Reality.

And so on. . .

Well, I’m not sure anyone (yet) has the ultimate answer (probably because it is continually unfolding. Really!)

But here is a link to a couple of chapters by Adrian Cooper, who explores quantum reality in his book, “The Ultimate Reality.”

I have managed to obtain a link where you can get several chapters to read, at no cost here:

<a href=”http://icreatewisdom.com/reality/”>Get free Ultimate Reality Chapters Here</a>

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