Mar 02 2009

Shamanic Reiki Flower Essences Are Getting Awesome Feedback

Last week I posted about my new line of shamanic reiki flower essences that we’re about to launch, called the Blue Panther Energetic Essences. My partner in this venture, Annette Waya Ewing, sent out some samples to her students and shamanic colleagues, and here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences (please visit my other blog, Dances With Flowers, to hear their feedback.)

I feel humble and honored to be of such deep service to those who are called to heal and transform themselves and others in these challenging times.

If any of you know reiki practitioners, or maybe you work with reiki yourself, you should check this out!.

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Jul 07 2006

Flower Essence Formulas To Stay Clear

For Lightworkers, Indigos, and people sensitive to their environments (and here I would also have to include pets!) it is important to keep your electrical system in balance and functioning properly.

I will be writing much more about this in future issues, but let’s start with some basics.

Every home should have a bottle of Emergency Trauma Solution (aka ETS) stashed where it can be retrieved easily by every member of the family (there are separate formulas for humans and animals.)

What this formula does, is to reconnect you when your trauma circuits have been triggered. It works immediately, to help get you back to normal so that you can deal with whatever has happened, without first having to get through the trauma layers.

You can get this formula here and from me, at my flower essence site. I do not receive compensation for referring people to Perelandra — but I do get the satisfaction of knowing I have helped you in a profound way. And I’ll be happy to ship you some through my shopping cart if you’d rather order from me.

The other formula you should have handy is the Yarrow Environmental Solution (aka YES formula); I call this one the Healers Formula, because the Yarrow family has a close relationship to healers and people who work closely with others, to help you maintain the integrity of your own energy fields while in contact with anyone or anything in your environment, and without “taking on” any of those energies. If you are sensitive to the energy around you this formula will help you!

You can get this formula — and other custom blended formulas — here.

Many Lightworkers who are struggling with the emotions of anger will find the Illumine formula a deep blessing. This helps you move the energies harmlessly through your system — you don’t even need to process whether “Is it me, or is this a global thing?” — this flower essence formula just helps you handle it naturally.

And finally, there are two other formulas worth mentioning: Grounding, and Alignment. The first does just what it says: it grounds you, when you feel like you are flying out into space and just cannot center yourself. The second formula helps you remember why you are here, what your mission is, and to stay on track — to align you with your higher calling, and to help you release all the “flotsam and jetsam” of daily distractions.

I sincerely hope these flowers bless you! Do not hesitate to reach for them if you feel the need.

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Apr 20 2005

Flower Essences For Indigos

Almost any flower essences will be helpful for Indigos and Crystals, because flower essences support the electrical structure underpinning our very existence. However, there are certain essences and combinations which have proven most useful, some at any time, and others under certain conditions. Special combinations and formulas have been created especially for Indigos, Crystals, and New Kids, and others simply work well with us.

Natural healing is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your children healthy — without fear of harmful side effects of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals. In other articles I will discuss the role of nutrition and hydration, but now I want to talk about a group of healing modalities that EVERY Indigo home should have on hand.

Here is a short list of those essences, and their corresponding uses (that is, when you would be likely to want them.) All the flower essences and combination formulas are available through my web site.

  • Yarrow Environmental Solution (also known on my site as the Healers Formula.) The yarrow family has a strong relationship to healers — and to healing. What this formula does is to keep you clear from outside energies — whether of others, or in the environment in the form of allergens, radiation, and strong electromagnetic fields.
  • Love Prevails Affirms your ability to remain connected to Source in all matters.
  • Golden Armor Protection from all forms of intrusive energies, including psychic disturbances from others.
  • All Ego Contracts Null and Void Hey how about toning that Ego down some, and tuning in to your REAL work here?
  • Grounding Get yourself centered and grounded. No matter what. No excuses.
  • Vitality For when it feels like all the steam has gone out of you; when you need to replenish yourself from all the hard work you have been doing for others and for the planet.
  • Eggplant Dispels negativity, wherever it may be lodging inside you. Just release it (this flower shows you how — and makes it really easy.)
  • Family of Origin Issues and Healing When it just hurts too much and you don’t know what else to do.
  • Anger and Shadow Issues To help you deal with your own (and others’) anger issues in a safe and appropriate way. Whew!
  • Relationships — Embracing Others With Peace and Kindness Get right with yourself — and others. It’s not that hard!
  • MBP formulas Perelandra, Ltd. has created a series of essences that support the healthy function of all the major organ systems and a few involuntary physical systems. I could not do without these! You should have a look, especially if one or more of your systems is chronically weak.
  • FLU and BIRD FLU Yes!!! There are flower essences that support you in warding off both influenza and H5N1 (bird flu.) I have been taking both for more than 5 years and have had fewer colds — and NO flu — even though I have been regularly exposed. I would not be without these, either
  • ETS No, that does not stand for ExtraTerrestrials. . . it stands for Emergency Trauma Solution. And if your trauma circuits get triggered by anything, you NEED this! It will reset your circuits to “normal” so that you can deal with whatever it is, without the added layer of having to deal with feeling traumatized by it. I love this one!! (And the animals have their own formula, too — so your dog, cat, or horse can get relief too.)
  • Liquid Smudge One last thing. Another important tool (which is NOT a flower essence, and is NOT taken internally) clears your aura, dispels negativity, and uplifts the spirit: Organic Liquid Smudge. This 100% natural, herbal product was created by traditional Native Americans for their healers, who were not allowed to burn the sacred herbs in modern medical settings (i.e., hospitals and clinics.) Out of this need, a liquid version was prayerfully created, and is now available for all to use. Used like aromatherapy, one drop clears your aura and your personal space. It?s powerful and fresh; it smells like the outdoors, and usually even people who react strongly to fragrances can tolerate this cleansing product. If you put some on your pillow, it will help you sleep better at night, too — without any bad dreams!

If you or your child has a particular issue not covered here, rest assured that there are essences to help. Please request more information and we will share more with you on an individual basis.

Flower essences are your indispensable ally for sustaining and restoring balance during rapid change and transformation. Your flower essence practitioner will also usually be able to create custom blended formulas for individuals on request. Flower essences are the elixir of alchemy, secret of the Universe, available to everyone for increasing the Light and spirit of Life and Love.

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