Jun 22 2007

Meditations For Healing Storms

Here’s a short meditation to help change the elemental patterns that form destructive storms. As I’ve discussed here several times, Nature is eager to work co-creatively with humans. You may feel called to do this work — or simply curious. Either way, together our combined consciousness, working co-creatively with the Nature intelligence, definitely helps.

Here’s what to do.

  • Ground yourself in whatever spiritual practices you do.
  • Connect with Source and re-member the Love, re-member that G*d (or Universal Intelligence/Creator/Great Mysterious — whatever you choose to call it) is nothing but Love.
  • Breathe in peace. Breathe out discomfort, pain, fear, anger. Keep doing this until you feel yourself at One with Source, Light, and Love. (It takes whatever it takes!!)
  • See the areas of the Earth that are disturbed, fill with the glowing light of your peace, love, and goodness. Allow the love energy to permeate everything — the sky, the waters, the earth, all life forms, everything. Give this the blessing of your heart, mind, and soul.
  • If you sense in your body, mind, or spirit — or if you receive images of disturbance — do not engage them. Allow them to flow and move without hindrance out into the ethers, where they also become part of the available energy of possibility for all Life and all things. Do not attach to it, judge it, or stop it — just notice, bless, and allow. Encourage the continued free movement, and for the energy to peacefully flow with Light and Love and blessing. Infuse it with the idea of blessing and peace. And so it will be!
  • Thank the Nature spirits who guard and protect Earth and all her Creatures. Thank and bless the Angels and Lightbeings who guard and protect you. And ask for their continued blessings for yourself and for all the beings in all the worlds and times.
  • Before you return to your tasks, bless yourself and remember that your connection to Source and to all Life does not only happen while you are meditating — it happens every moment.
  • Take your conscious connections *with you* out into the world! This alone will create new energy fields of goodness, peace, and light where there may be suffering.

Our combined actions — prayer in action, really — can make an enormous difference. (Be sure to read the special announcement about The Intention Experiment below. . . )
Together we can create alternative results for the world, in very powerful ways, without interfering with any cleansing work the Earth needs to do to heal herself. I humbly invite you to join me in this work if you feel so called.

But wait! There is one more thing that you can do. I just found out that a friend of mine has released his new book, which I can’t wait to read. Jim Pathfinder Ewing, a Native American teacher, has written a book called *Finding Sanctuary in Nature* — a book about how to heal yourself and the Earth. Here you will learn more about how to live in harmony with Nature and all its forces — in harmony and peace, Please get — and read — it. And gift it to others 🙂
Finding Sanctuary in Nature : Simple Ceremonies in the Native American Tradition for Healing Yourself and Others
By Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi), Illustrated by Annette Waya Ewing

Paperback: 170 pages

Publisher: Findhorn Press

I love this book because it keeps everything clear and simple. Anyone can understand it.

The meditations — and any other tools you can find — will help us all work co-creatively with Nature, to help heal our planet, and ourselves.

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May 24 2007

Help Your Mother (No, Not THAT One, Your Earth Mother!)

This message comes through a Native American newsletter written by Pathfinder Ewing.

*Prayers for The Ring of Fire*

As regular readers may recall, I do not believe in coincidences. Things always happen for a reason. We may not know why, maybe not ever, but the synchronicity of events is always occurring whether we notice it or not.

So, I?m drawn to a note from a reader in Australia who says she has been feeling that the area of the Northwest in the U.S. and her area are connected, and in danger.

I wrote her back that the Ring of Fire is always barely slumbering and needs our prayers to keep below a destructive level. If you will notice, you?ll see that the Ring of Fire, that causes earthquakes around the globe, circles up, around and through the Americas and Australia; so, her intuition is on target as far as a connection.

[Editors’ note: if you look on a map of the Pacific Ocean, you will see that the continents the surround the Ocean form a rough circle, like a bowl. This is what is meant by the Ring of Fire — it’s the area where the Earth’s tectonic plates are most volatile, and where undersea volcanic eruptions are common.]

It would be a good thing to keep the Ring of Fire in our prayers.

Note that on May 16, Shoshone Spiritual Elder Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau will be holding ceremony to bring balance to the Earth at Lake Tahoe, Nev. He writes: ?On May 16th, 2007, we will gather again with many Indigenous Nations with their drums and sacred instruments for the final activation of this Seven Pointed Star (Medicine Wheel Ceremony). This time to activate the two remaining sites in order to make a six-pointed star. The seventh point will be the lake, itself. Water will be brought in from all over the world from those attending. We will go to the seven sites and activate them with prayer and song.?

People all over the Earth are invited to join in the ceremony. To read more, see:

Read this report


Earth Wisdom Foundation

Thanks, Jim, for this. Let’s all remember our Mother the Earth in all our prayers.

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Sep 27 2006

Stay Flexible, My Friends!

For those of you who do yoga, you know the value of staying flexible. For anyone, though, the ability to remain flexible with your plans and daily routines is a skill we are all going to need more and more. That, and resiliency. Two important characteristics to develop and practice. Those who know how — and are using — those skills, will have an easier time of it in the days and months ahead. Just let it flow, and see what you can do with what you’ve got 🙂

About Those Storms. . . Yes, those of us who are doing “Earth-healing” work are doing a great job on the hurry-canes and storms — but the season has more “steam” in it yet. There is more work to be done. I would like to invite all those who feel called to work in this way, to check in at least once a week on the online weather sites, to observe what is happening with the weather around the world. Here in the USA, we get only a limited view of it — which is why it’s important to get a bigger picture (literally.)

There have been some tropical storms we almost “missed” — so be alert, and keep the prayers and visualizations coming, for peaceful transformation of the elements, the atmosphere, the Earth — and all the beings, including, of course, you.

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Jul 28 2006

More Dealing With Storms

Lightning has passed through the lands where we live, destroying ancient trees and homes. People have lived without power for more than a week, in a part of the world where this has seldom been experienced before.

Summer storms arise around the planet without much warning, bringing untold destruction in their path. The earth moves uneasily, as the beings upon her become restless and fearful with the thunder of wars and unhappiness.

Killing is once again ravaging peaceful lands, and the innocent suffer.

We who hold Light in our hearts know there are different ways, better ways. In the interests of increasing love energy and healing — making it available to all who suffer– I offer a meditation below. Please read it, share it with others, and do this or one you like better, as often as possible. Through the Law of Harmonic Resonance, the vibration will extend to bless and heal you and all your relations.

Your work is important! Give it your attention, and never for one moment doubt (no matter how horrible outside events may appear) that it helps.

Today more violent storms and lighting strikes are predicted here; may all be safe as the Earth helps the atmosphere to become clear and whole.

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