Jul 02 2009

Night Classes, Part Three

Being awake in the dream is both a learned skill to some degree and something that often comes naturally for Indigos.  Some Indigos seem to be able to work with their dream content naturally — whether it’s of a precognitive nature, or just working through personal, family, or societal issues.

Dreaming Yourself Awake

Dreaming Yourself Awake

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Apr 17 2008

Having Weird Dreams

Many people are reporting that the content and tone of their dreams has changed dramatically over the past few weeks or months. I’d have to say that’s been happening for me, too. It’s as if suddenly a doorway opened inside the dream world, and now, everything is different there. We’re in a whole new “world” where we’ve never been before!

It’s not alarming, exactly, but I can say for certainty that NONE of my dreams are the same as they used to be — and I’m not sure why. One of the many changes was that I started having what I might call “saga” dreams — where there is an ongoing story thread that plays like a saga novel or a long, complicated movie. Before that, my dreams were more like “clips” rather than complete stories. Now, I’ve got an all-night long movie playing (that I don’t remember selecting.)

Guess I shouldn’t complain, because they are rather entertaining. But the other thing that’s different? In many of my previous dreams, there is a sense that I am “working something out”. I feel that I am actually doing some kind of Light Work in the dream time.

But not lately. While I am a participant, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. It’s just. . .different. And I wish I could explain more about that. Right now language fails me. I’ll ponder on it and see if more insights occur.

One more difference. The content is “about” people I have never met, and places I have never been, and things I essentially know nothing about — although I seem to do fine with them inside the dream. When I awaken in the mornings, I am thinking “I wonder what the heck THAT was about???”

I’ll have to go back and look at the calendar to see if I can pinpoint exactly when this all started happening, and see if I can tie it to any earth shifts or cosmic events. I know for sure that this is all very recent and new. Meanwhile, if you’ve been experiencing big changes in the quality and content of YOUR dreams, you’re not alone.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Stay tuned! I’m sure more will be revealed.

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Nov 02 2006

Dreaming. . .

What is the REAL dream? Is it what happens when we are asleep? Or is everything a dream?

Wise ones have pondered this question for ages untold. Some believe they have found the answer, or know it intuitively. For the rest of us who are still wondering about it, though, how about taking a good look into our dream material (that is, what our minds do when our body is asleep.) A lot is happening there — and those who believe we can awaken in the dream may be onto something important.

I tend to have very intense dreams; always have and probably always will. Some are precognitive, some I would call “lucid”, and others extremely symbolic and enigmatic — “coded” and hard to decipher. But I have ’em (and then some.)

Over the weekend I had one of those amazing dreams that was so real, when I woke up it felt that the dream was the “real” world and my ordinary life nothing more than illusion. I won’t go into all the details here, but I do want to share the gist of it with you, because I believe the message matters. (The details I am still checking out on several levels and may share with you later if I get affirmatives on them.)

Basically, the message is that we who are any kind of aware, need to work on the things we know we need to get handled, to restore what we feel is lovely, good and beautiful in our own corner of the world. By this, I mean that I *know* what I need to do — and where I am just ignoring important stuff or slacking off. I need to stop doing that, and really pay attention (attend to) all of that stuff. I can’t afford any longer to tell myself I will get to it later, or that other things are more important. NOTHING is more important than taking care of my own “business”.

And I believe each of us needs to do the same thing — take care of what needs taking care of, inside especially, even if it means that some “outer” things have to wait.

Each of us does know what we need to do, we just haven’t been doing it.

It’s time to change that. . . and what I’m saying here is that I’m going to do that, starting immediately.

Anyone care to step up to the plate and join me (by making the same commitment to yourself and the things in your life you know you need to handle)?

Here is the reason why it is so important. When we take care of the things that need to be handled, we are modeling a way of respect — for ourselves and for the world around us. We are saying that we want our lives to work — and that we know how to get them that way. This is an enormous step! And believe it or not, it is just what others need to see right now. We may think that we are doing it for ourselves (and we are. . . ) but — everyone else needs to have that modeled right now.

We need to show others it can be done — to show others what goodness, respect, and care look like. Some folks have forgotten how. Some folks have seen too much ugly. Some folks have been hearing too many cries — of pain, anger, frustration, grief. Someone needs to show others how to find the beauty again. How to sing a simple song. How to quietly create a small place of order, in the midst of noise and chaos. I believe we are the people who know how to do this. I believe we have always known how to do this, and that we always will. Let’s show ’em how it’s done 🙂 Again.

Oh. And if you feel like you’re getting tired of doing it this way, and want someone to show YOU how? Look around. Someone like you will be doing their own path — and you can watch and remember, it’s all in the smallest detail that we find beauty.

If you aren’t seeing it, you aren’t looking for it 🙂

Let’s dream a little dream together, shall we?

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