Jul 29 2009

Keeping Up With The Energy Shifts ~ Or Not

These days things change so fast, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, let alone calibrate what’s going on and what it means — on a personal level as well as for our human consciousness.  That’s why I like to read other blogs and check in on what others are noticing; often their reflections mirror my own, and give me some validation.

One of the sites I like for this is Karen Bishop’s What’s Up On Planet Earth (which now has a new web site called Emerging Earth Angels.)  Her latest post talks about the kind of strange “lull” some of us have been feeling, where projects are stalled, things seem to be at a complete stand-still, and equipment doesn’t work right.

For instance, my flagship web site was down for more than 48 hours from Sunday to Tuesday because of a major server failure; one of my clients cancelled her call because she just had a “blue screen of death” on her computer and had to send for a new hard drive to replace it — thank goodness for backup!  (Hey — you ARE backing up your systems and your data, aren’t you?  Make sure you do!)  And so on.  These things keep happening, and rather than become frustrated by them, it’s easier just to check out the energy flows and to see what’s happening on a larger scale.  The perspective is helpful.

And frankly, so is the rest!  We’ve been moving at quite the speed lately, and working hard in multiple dimensions.  We truly have earned a rest.  But sometimes it feels like I’m all geared up with nowhere to go!  Ever have that feeling?


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Jul 22 2009

What Do the Eclipses Mean?

This summer we have three important eclipses:   one solar (July 21st) brakcted by two lunar eclipses, which is unusual.  What’s more common is a solar eclipse paired with a lunar eclipse, but rarely two lunar eclipses as we have this year.

Solar Corona

Solar Corona

But what do they mean?

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Jun 17 2009

Night Classes, Part Two

For many years (perhaps as long as I can remember) my dream states have been quite active and ~ according to others with whom I’ve compared notes ~ sometimes unusual. As I grew older from childhood, I learned that there is such a thing as lucid dreaming — and that I’d been doing it for years. Not every dream is lucid, but I can often shape what happens in my dream states quite easily. I thought everyone could do this! Until I learned they don’t. . .

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

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Mar 26 2009

The Art of Looking For What Isn’t There

Before I launch into what I want to say today, I wanted to take a minute to catch up. The first few months of this year have been intense for most people, including me. How has it been for you? Me? I’ve put the energies to good use, I believe. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Launched a new line of shamanic reiki flower essences that I co-created with Nature and a team of unseen beings
  • Hired a new coach to work with me on getting the Co-Creative Science Program prepared and launched successfully
  • Reorganized my projects so that I have time to really get things done

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much on the blog as I wanted; hopefully that will change over the next cycle, so that I can continue to bring you inspiring and positive messages and news. Starting today.

Did you wonder what the title of this article means? It’s deliberately phrased. Here’s what it’s about.

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Dec 18 2008

Is Quantum Success In YOUR Future?

The past week while I was ordering books for gifts, I discovered a new book that I decided to get for myself, just to see how she approached a topic I’ve been working with for a while now (more on that in a minute) ~ Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness.

And you know what? It IS a science, in my opinion..

Well, the book came and I grabbed it as I was heading out the door to the train, to start reading in transit. As I looked at the topics, I started to smile ~ because I knew the author is covering everything that you need to know, to be able to create as much prosperity, happiness, achievement, and health as you want in your life. Continue Reading »

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Sep 30 2008

Transpartisanship? What Kinda Ship Is THAT??

Last year I posted a link to a (then) new site I really liked, called the Transpartisanship Alliance. Here’s my original post on that. But since a reader kindly (???) commented about it (noticing that I didn’t say much about what inspired me about it ~ and that’s true) I decided it’s time to revisit this and say more.

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Aug 11 2008

It’s A Small World ~ Or, It Could Be. . .

On the theory that Life is what you make it ~ and that all of us creatures here on the planet are interrelated (scary thought, that. . . ) ~ I loved this blog post that suggests a whole list of ways that we can connect with others.

And why would we want to do that? Well, for one thing. . .

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Aug 08 2008

Shifting Your Consciousness To Manifest Your Intentions

Last week we hosted a conference call introducing a remarkable young man, Linus Rylander, who is a 14-year-old boy living in Sweden — and who at a young age is mastering the art and science of Manifestation.

Bringing information and people forward to help with the great consciousness shift that is happening all around the world is going to be more and more common. I am delighted to assist with this process. Today, I have another wonderful resource to share with you.

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Jul 09 2008

Who Are We???

Who are you? Who are WE — as a collective group of humans — a (hopefully) conscious species?

Yes, I’ll admit, as I look around it’s obvious that there are still some among us that still don’t get it — and are not living consciously, from their hearts.

As I survey the signs the past few weeks, I’ve found several that give me hope. Continue Reading »

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Nov 02 2006

What Is Your Growing Edge?

Hmmmm. . . what if there is no “edge”?

What if growing is just expanding, increasing your wisdom?

What if the world is not flat, and has no edges? Then what?

How would you think about what’s happening with you, if it wasn’t so. . . “edgy”?

Let’s make growing into YOU a more comfortable place to be. Let’s make it. . . round and happy instead 🙂

What do you think? I’m up for it, how about you?

Until next time, be well, stay true blue, do some good things, and have fun!

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