Jun 03 2009

Get Ready for Summer. Storms, That Is. . .

Just a little more than a week ago, a tropical storm hit powerfully in East Asia, causing extensive property damage and the loss of more than 200 lives. Last week, an Air France jet taking off from Brazil was lost over the South Atlantic, presumably from a storm system brewing there. Scientists are starting to focus on what this summer’s storms will be like. It’s time to start working with the forces of Nature again (for those of you who consider yourself Consciousness Workers or Lightworkers.)

Here’s a link to one of the posts I made about working with Nature Intellgence, to assist with the safe release of energies that the Earth must do: Partnering With Nature Intellgence. We humans have a lot to learn, but we’re beginning to “get it” ~ and when we do, it really helps. With everything.

This is your “early warning notice” that it’s time to start your meditations again. And learn more about how to work co-creatively with Nature Intellgence. It’s fun ~ and more than that, it’s necessary! Come along for the ride 🙂

I’ve been working on a project that’s going to help you learn faster exactly what to do, and how to do it, if you want to learn more about Nature Intelligence and Co-Creative Science. Stay tuned. . . I hope to have an announcement out before the end of the month with more details.

Meanwhile I’d love to hear your stories about working with Nature Intelligence; what have you learned? What’s the most interesting part of it?

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Dec 18 2008

Is Quantum Success In YOUR Future?

The past week while I was ordering books for gifts, I discovered a new book that I decided to get for myself, just to see how she approached a topic I’ve been working with for a while now (more on that in a minute) ~ Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness.

And you know what? It IS a science, in my opinion..

Well, the book came and I grabbed it as I was heading out the door to the train, to start reading in transit. As I looked at the topics, I started to smile ~ because I knew the author is covering everything that you need to know, to be able to create as much prosperity, happiness, achievement, and health as you want in your life. Continue Reading »

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Oct 15 2008

Abraham-Hicks on the Financial Crises

It has long been one of my intentions to assist as many people as possible with understanding how to be powerful co-creators here on earth. The world has seemingly been dramatically challenged in the past weeks, with bad news about the financial markets globally.

But I know a different story. I know a story of incredible power and possibility. And so does Abraham.

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Sep 11 2008

Messing With Mother Nature ~ Again

This week as we got new reports about the Hadron Collider experiment underway in Switzerland, I couldn’t help but wonder if this enormously expensive project is really worth it. Obviously, many scientists and nations seem to think so.

But, what is the true cost of this project?

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Sep 10 2008

More Work With Hurricane Ike Ahead

First of all, I want to acknowledge the powerful destruction in the islands, caused by the recent storms. I wish we had been able to do more work sooner, to prevent some of the hardest-hit areas that are least able to deal with that level of disruption and loss. My condolences. These areas will be in my prayers for comfort and healing.

Secondly, our work is not done yet with Hurricane Ike. There is a pickup of energy as the system enters the Gulf (as I thought might happen) — so, we need once again to return to the meditations and work co-creatively with Ike to see if we can request that the core strength be reduced, and to disburse the energy over a wider area so that its impact in any one area is greatly reduced also. In our previous work with Ike, Continue Reading »

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Aug 20 2008

Hurricane Fay Doesn’t Wanna Go Away!

The work we did with Hurricane Fay was just Round One. Now it’s time to renegotiate! Seems like this storm system has more clearing work to do, and isn’t going to be happy until that energy really has a pathway to move out.

Fay is now able to take a wider arc, so moving out to sea would be one possibility. But if we are going to ask the storm system to move just because it would be convenient, may not be the best outcome for the area. So this needs some rethinking.

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Aug 18 2008

Hurricane Fay

Well we have a new storm system in the Atlantic right now. Hurricane Fay is fixing to kick up a bunch of trouble. Her energy reading is “mischievous” right now — and she really could do some damage.

When I tuned in this morning, what I got was that the elements in the 100-150 mile radius of the tip of Florida really need to “blow off some steam.” The earth really needs to do some energy discharge in this area. That’s Fay’s purpose — to blow off some of that steam.

What I recommend for a meditation is that we ask Fay to direct the energy upward (toward the skies) rather than downward (toward land or sea) — and that the opportunity for resolution come over the seas rather than on land. To do this, Fay would need to turn direction.

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