Jul 22 2009

What Do the Eclipses Mean?

This summer we have three important eclipses:   one solar (July 21st) brakcted by two lunar eclipses, which is unusual.  What’s more common is a solar eclipse paired with a lunar eclipse, but rarely two lunar eclipses as we have this year.

Solar Corona

Solar Corona

But what do they mean?

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Aug 01 2008

August 1, 2008 New Moon Portal On Manifestation

Wow, what an energy boost we are getting today! The New Moon in Leo (new beginnings for leadership and everything connected to heart-centered living) overrides the usually blustery, ego-filled Leo sun as the full Solar Eclipse yields to the moon’s graceful energy of feelings-over-intellect.

Were your dreams vivid last night? I hope so! Because they will point the way toward what it is that you need to work on. Write down any thoughts or images that came to you in your dreams — you will need them later in the month and in the months ahead. But there’s more. . . Continue Reading »

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Jul 31 2008

New Moon on Solar Eclipse August 1, 2008

Friday August 1st is a portal/gateway of a different sort this time. It’s a time when you can clearly choose how you want things to be in your life from here on out — what to keep forever, what to discard, who to become. All of that. The New Moon Solar Eclipse happens at 3:12 am PDT, but the effects have already begun.

Here’s how the energies are going to help us.

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