Jun 05 2009

Indigo Awakening

Finally, the other new book by Dr. Janine Talty is a very important addition for both adult Indigos, and for family and friends of adult Indigos. Why? It explains the adult Indigo experience from the inside out, from what it’s like to grow up Indigo without having the support systems in place that you would have liked. There are some surprises in it, especially for those of you who ask yourselves, “Why me?” I think you’ll find a great many answers here — and a lot of hope and encouragement.

In addition to being Janine’s personal story, it’s the story of all of us. And it contains helpful overviews on what this whole adult Indigo thing is about — why we’re here, what’s going on, and how YOU can free yourself forever of the nagging doubts and questions that have plagued you in your solitary little bubble that makes you feel like you’re so different you wonder why you got here in the first place. There is a reason for you to be here in this time — and it’s awesome!\

Here’s a link to get Janine’s new book. Get it and read it now:

If you’d like to listen to an interview Janine did today with Ilene Dillon on Blog Talk Radio, go here: Janine Talty interview.

I’m loving this book, and relating to many of the ideas she writes so fluidly. I think you will find in it some important information, that’s going to make YOUR life easier and more joyful and free. This one is truly a gem! Here’s the link again for her new book Indigo Awakening: A Doctor’s Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World

Lastly, I’d just like to say that reading Janine’s book makes you feel like you really are at home at last, with a VERY kindred soul You owe it to yourself to feel that way too!

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Oct 16 2008

Are Indigos Here To Fit In, Co-Create Change, or Both?

The next few articles are in answer to Carol’s questions, because they are also the questions I hear frequently from adult Indigos. So for all of you who have been thinking or feeling the same things, here you go 🙂

The first topic is about fitting in, having a sense that this world is a safe place for you to be ~ a sense of real belonging.

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Sep 16 2008

Your Chance to Meet Other Indigos

For a long time now, I’ve been promising to make time available for you to meet and talk directly with other Indigos. Well, that time is at hand. Here is the information for our first live phone call. Continue Reading »

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Apr 13 2007

An Indigo Coach’s View of Support Systems

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As more and more children come into our families with special gifts beyond our current understanding, there is a growing need for people of light to assist with their integration and their growth. One of the newest ways to offer that support is with coaching.

Coaching is a new profession, and one which serves people to develop themselves according to the intentions and patterns they most wish to manifest. While coaching is a powerful tool for working with Indigo and Crystal children, teens and adults, when you are working with a coach who comes from the same energy field, you are already light years ahead. There is less to translate, explain.

As an Adult Indigo, I learned early in my coaching career four things:

1) that Indigos thrive with coaching; it works well for us.

2) that I need my own coach (I now work with two coaches, one for my personal and professional development, and one who works with me on a global coaching program I developed; I can honestly say that hiring a coach was a major turning point in my life — for the better.)

3) that I have some special gifts that are important for Indigo children, teens and adults, in their development process.

4) that support is both a system AND a process.

I will discuss here two of the above topics: why coaching works for Indigos, and why you might want to choose an Indigo Coach to work with you, your kids, or a family member. I will also touch on my view of support systems and why I feel they are so important.

What is so special about an Indigo coach? Let me respond with my own examples, to better illustrate my answers. First, I am able to sense the energy flows, and to understand what exactly is going on. I can often act as an interpreter for the child or the parent, to translate into language as best we can what the experience is about — or coach the child to do this — and then assist everyone involved to make choices based on what the soul purpose is, and what will best support that. This ability is a distinct advantage compared with a coach who cannot do this.

There can be a coaching role to play in determining what is appropriate for each individual. It may be appropriate in the development of a support system to make referrals to other professionals. An Indigo coach can be help the family choose which professionals to engage, and why. Obviously, a child is more vulnerable than a teen, or an adult — and more protection is required. But that doesn?t always mean restriction. Parents of specially gifted children need to learn to see with different eyes, and to re-orient themselves around what I call a soul-based operating system.

This means that we learn to shift from outer appearances, emotional reactivity, and conventional wisdom, to understand deeper meanings, layers of truth, and how to work with our highest selves in making life choices and relating to one another from a place of loving-kindness. We do our bets to look from where the soul looks.

Finally, there is identification. For an Indigo or a Crystal kid, this is simply magical. Do you ever notice how there will be silent and easy camaraderie among children who share the same vibration? There are simply different ways of relating that are not shared with others. And this dynamic is true when you involve an Indigo in the helping process, at whatever level. Often an adult Indigo, who has been down the road a bit further than the child, has credibility because the ?you don?t understand? barrier is harder to pull off. It?s a similar dynamic that makes 12-step programs work.

Won?t it be great when we can have care givers in every profession who are Indigo or Crystal? It?s coming. And it?s happening now, as more Indigos mature and enter the various fields where they have been called.

Parents may be trying to follow a prescribed way to raise children according to the values they were taught, or what their doctor or teacher may be saying — and while sometimes that works, more often it?s the opposite of what would really help. Anything based on control or power-over simply will not work. It kills the spirit, for one thing.

And the parents, in their frustration to do the right thing — or only to find peace in the house — may reach for the nearest solution, or any solution, in desperation. Wouldn?t it be better to have someone on the scene who knows their way around? Someone who understands the ?lay of the land? so to speak? That would be an Indigo Coach, or perhaps another Indigo professional.

In my work, I often see the Indigo or Crystal child or teen first, to get an understanding of what the situation is. Then, I begin working with the parents to involve them in the dialogue and the process. Depending on what the situation is and what the family needs, we collaborate for solutions, and I insist that everyone re-orient around a soul-based operating system, and begin asking questions such as, ?Why are you here? Why did you incarnate in this lifetime? Why did you choose to join this family? How are these relationships helping you to develop yourself? What is missing here? What do you need to thrive in this situation??

We need these answers to know how to design supportive environments for everyone, because the parents require special support, too. This is an opportunity for everyone to wake up and remember who they really are and why they?re here. We revisit that often in our coaching work together!

Many times, the coach?s best role may be as sacred witness for the Indigo or Crystal child or teen and their family. We can all do amazing things when we know someone is watching, who cares about us and who understands what it means and what it takes to accomplish. Humans really are amazing creatures, and we are evolving more rapidly than our consciousness will easily accept — sometimes we need someone outside of our own experience to help us understand what?s going on, and how to relate to our own lives.

Another way that coaching helps Indigos in particular is that it is collaborative. Coaches partner with their clients to achieve intended results better, faster, with less friction than might be possible navigating solo. That?s not to say we need anyone to tell us what to do — that?s certainly not what coaching does, and is absolutely the wrong thing for an Indigo — what we need is someone to acknowledge us for who we are, for what we came here to do, and how we?re doing at that. This is one thing a coach does really well. Coaching is respectful, and values truth-telling. This is another thing most Indigos will require.

And, by the way, people don?t come to coaching because they need it (even if they may.) Clients come to coaching because of the magic that happens as a result of it. I look at you as perfect the way you are, and my inquiry is about how you can be gloriously happy and joyful in your own life, how you can move from where you think you are to where you want to be (which may not be as ?far? as you think it is.) It?s about how we can create something together that you want, that you would not be able to manifest all by yourself. My agenda is your success as you define it. It?s a collaborative partnership. I see you as whole and filled with light, and we enter a relationship where our conversations elicit your greatness. It can be as simple (and complex) as that.

To me, what?s going on in your life is not a problem. I acknowledge that you may experience it as a challenge, and we look to make your life bigger than that. We look at what the learning is, and how you are creating that in your life. We work together to gently remove what is keeping you from your own joy, and to become a powerful co-creator with the Universe to live a GREAT life.

It?s important that you know that coaching isn?t therapy. (Some therapists may also use coaching techniques, but unless they have gone through formal training, don?t assume that they know how to coach.) There can be times when a young child DOES need medical assistance, or psychotherapy, to come back into full balance or embodiment.

Special diets and flower remedies may be needed, to give the electrical system the support it requires in order to be able to handle everything that is happening on the planet as well as within their own development processes. (I will be writing more about flower essences in future articles, so I won?t cover that in this one.)

So a parent may need to involve a team of specialists, ideally all working in tandem and in collaborative agreement about how best to support the family and the children involved. When you are looking for people to come into your lives, make sure you find people who do this kind of collaborative teamwork, even at remote distances.

It?s possible now to have your team working from almost anywhere on the planet, thanks to modern technology. I have clients in many parts of the world, and we speak by telephone or communicate by email technology. And, I have networks all over the world, especially within the coaching community.

Several years ago, I realized that there would be a huge wave of families who would be seeking additional services for themselves and the children who have begun to arrive already and who will continue to be here during this amazing transformational age.

With that in mind, I formed a network of coaches in the US, Canada, and Europe, several of whom are master coaches, who are qualified and prepared to coach Indigos and their families. At this writing, there are 7 of us, and I have discovered several more who I would welcome should they choose to join us. This is the Indigo Coach Network, and we are available to serve Indigos, Crystals, and their families.

Finally, the last thing I want to say is simply this: I wish I had had an Indigo Coach or mentor when I was a child; my life would have been so different, and so much easier. Yours will be, too, when you engage the right team to help.

Nancy Boyd is an Adult Indigo Writer, Life Coach (Coach U Graduate and member of ICF and the Graduate School of Coaching), and Flower Essence Therapist whose vision is a world alight with love and joy. Nancy?s clients are Cultural Creatives and Indigo kids, teens, adults and their families. You can also access Nancy?s network of trained coaches who work with Indigo kids, teens and adults. Her coaching program that helps people stay on track at http//:www.daytoppers.com is another cool tool for your success. Watch for her forthcoming book soon! Your comments and questions are always welcome.

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Aug 05 2004

It’s Hard To Be First — Alone Of Your Kind

Published by under Adult/Elder Indigos

Here’s my story, from the perspective of an Adult/Elder Indigo. I’m sharing it with you to let you know what my personal journey has been like. Since I wrote this, I have heard from many, many other adult Indigos — who tell me that they have a story very like this one. If you identify, first of all WELCOME! I’m so glad you made it through! Secondly, please join us as we continue to wake up the world.

I was one of the first Indigos to arrive. I was called in by the decision of humans to unleash atomic weapons upon the earth; I arrived mere days before Hiroshima was attacked – obviously ?too late? to stop the atomic attacks yet ?right on time? — my energy was needed here urgently, and I was an early responder. I had originally planned to arrive around 1960-1970, but I arrived sooner than that, because of the calls of Beings of Light who needed to anchor higher energy fields into the human grid as soon as possible.

This isn?t my first incarnation here; I?ve been here many times, and I know who I was in many of those lives. It doesn?t matter to me if you would know those names or not, because it?s not important. I am one of the Builders. As a young child, the adults in my life kept trying to redirect me away from the erector sets the boys were playing with, believing them inappropriate for girls. (I refused to play with dolls — they were as far as I was concerned irrelevant to my life.)

Now I understand that my Mission includes creating systems, forms and structures that are required for collective consciousness transformation, as well as the Healing Work all Indigos and humans share in common — but I didn?t know that, then.

It has not been an easy journey. I was aware of others after a time (by this I mean that as a toddler I knew that there were others in the world like me) but I had no means to find them because it took all I had just to be able to stay here. Some of us left early, more arrived later. I want to say that for the first ten years there were certainly fewer than 100 of us Indigos here on the planet. I have no way to know unless enough of us survived and are able to connect now and say so. I hope that some of the other early arrivals are still around, and that we can now reconnect while we are still here. (If you’re one of them, please let me know so that we can meet each other at last!)

Until several years ago, I was pretty much in hiding as an Indigo. When the first books and web sites came out, of course I identified and knew that ?my family? had arrived en masse at last. That was the first time I actually began to feel safe. But still I didn?t speak out publicly — I was afraid I would be considered ?too old? to be Indigo. I was afraid to disclose some of the most common Indigo traits that I have been struggling with all my life (feeling a sense of entitlement, as if I am royalty, for instance — I wish it were not true, but it?s there. Oh boy is it there!) I was afraid of being judged, of being thought presumptuous.

But what I denied about myself, kept me from being fully who I am, and thus fully present to life. I decided it was time to stop doing that. It was all of you who helped me decide this, so thank you for that as well as for having the courage to enter at this time and play in this marvelous world. It?s interesting to realize that my close friends and clients have also been asking me to write this story, so there is a way it all connects. Whatever the reasons, I know it?s the right time.

My life as a child was spent concealing a great many things that should not have been kept silent, things like who I am and why I am here, the great shame of incest that was perpetrated on me as a small child, as well as my feelings about being raised in poverty in the heartland of the richest country on earth. I don?t want to sound negative, but I do need to tell my story, and this is a big part of it.

There was no one to recognize and receive me, no one to tend to my special energy needs, and no one to protect me. To my parents and siblings, I am ?just another kid.? They didn?t come equipped or forewarned about who I am and what my special needs were. It has taken many years for me to even understand what happened, and why. First I needed to survive, and then I had some major healing to do! (And, it?s also fair to say, my family survived me, too. It can?t have been easy for them either.)

On the surface of things, when you look at me, you would probably not expect to discover that I am Indigo, unless you can read auras. But what does one look like, anyway? What are you looking FOR? Unless you are Indigo yourself, what you think you know about it is not the whole story. We?re just beginning to tell it now, so listen up!

For most of my life, I lived very privately, trying to make myself less of a target, and therefore safer. I placed barriers and shields around myself, to fend off hostile energies that threatened my very life force. That worked, to a degree, but at the expense of meaningfully connecting with others who might have been able to help sooner. I was deliberately trying not to be different, because I had then (and still have to some degree) a desperate desire to belong. The last thing in the world I wanted was to be different, and yet I am. So very much so.

My journey has always been spiritual although that too I have mostly kept private; I have always looked at life, and at my struggles, as spiritual in nature. I know that to others it may not always look that way, but it is to me. It?s about staying truthful to my connection to Source, and to fulfilling my mission here — to be of service to the Light and Love of Creation, and to make my contributions as best I am able. That was my goal, to survive despite immense outer pressures and thought forms that hurt me and sometimes sought to destroy me, so that I could simply make my contribution in this world, in this time.

There have been long years when I believed that I had made a huge mistake, coming in so soon, with so little support to help me. There were a couple of times I tried to leave, but it wasn?t allowed (and now I?m grateful about that.) To give you a flavor of what my experience has been, coping in a world unprepared for me, and not at all equipped to supply my special Indigo needs, I will share one or two vignettes that demonstrate the dilemmas I faced.

One happened when I attended kindergarten at the age of 5. Now, you need to know that I had read (and understood) the entire set of Encyclopedia Brittanica by the age of 3. So when the kindergarten teacher wanted me to learn the alphabet, I was bored and insulted. I told her I already knew how to read, and what could she offer me instead, but she didn?t believe me. She truly thought I was a liar. Stung, the next day I lugged one of the big volumes into the classroom (this book weighed about a third as much as I did,) opened it, and began to read aloud. The teacher turned bright red, became furious, and punished me for ?showing off? by having me sit on a chair in the corner for the rest of the day.

So, I was called a liar one day and a braggart the next, simply for being who I am. That?s tough for a 5 year old and an Indigo. It is obvious to me now that this poor teacher had no idea what to do with me. I was simply not part of her experience and she had not been prepared for me. (The message I took from this incident (rightly or wrongly) was that ?no one understands me,? which made the world seem a very hostile place indeed. It has become even more obvious now, after all this time, that who we are hasn?t mattered very much to people, and that humans are only beginning to wake up. It has taken a very long time, but it?s happening now. I am so relieved about that!)

After kindergarten, it didn?t get a lot better; I simply learned to conceal the truth and remain largely silent. I got into less trouble that way. But you have to understand that there is a price for this, and I paid it. I chose it, in a certain sense, although not to have enough good options is also more confining than I expected. That may be one of the reasons I am now so effective as a Life Coach — I understand that there really are many options in life, and I know how easy life can be when we can see more paths than are immediately obvious to us. I?ve had a lot of practice finding more options when it seems like there aren?t any, which is a certain skill not everyone knows.

As a child, I kept wanting to ask people, especially adults, ?But, don?t you know who I AM?? I realized early on that no, they didn?t know, and further, most of them would not have cared if they did know, or worse — they might use and abuse me for their own purposes. It was far better to remain hidden and silent, when that was possible.

This need to hide who I am created a pattern where I am still almost totally unable to speak about the things that matter most to me. That is why it feels so important to tell my story, at last. I need to break that pattern, and I will. I am making progress! And so are other Adult Indigos who are starting to tell their stories.

The second vignette I will share has to do with my confrontation of wrongdoing — in this case, bigotry and hypocrisy. I was often challenging the adults, whose values usually departed from mine in major ways. I mean that the values they were living were not the values they said they believed, and in some cases, their stated beliefs differed wildly from my own — and I had STRONG beliefs even as a young child, especially about what is right and wrong. Such social injustices as racism and lack of loving kindness to those less fortunate was always in my face in one way or another.

I remember visiting cousins in Missouri (this is not to disparage that great state — just to anchor this in a factual place) as a youngster, and being forbidden to swim in a particular swimming pool because people of color were in the pool. This made absolutely no sense to me, and I did it anyway, calling upon myself no end of trouble. I told the adults that this was racist, and that what they were doing was wrong. The reason this incident is significant is that I would on occasion place myself at risk of danger in service of a good cause. I knew it was dangerous but sometimes I couldn?t help myself. That trait has been a double-edged sword! I soon learned to choose my battles more carefully, so as to make myself less a target.

But the choices left me so frustrated, so feeling that I am out of personal integrity if I do not challenge wrongdoing, if I know something to be evil and do not speak out — is that not a form of complicity in it? Do I not then share the responsibility for the harm this causes? Ahh, the pain of knowing more than others, and not understanding what to do with what I know! That too is part of the story of my life.

As you will discover reading this, and future things I will share about my life, I am somewhat the worse for wear — which is not a bad thing, just something people need to realize. While I tested in the upper genius ranges of IQ as a child, I have lost around 25% of my cognitive abilities in the last few years due to chronic illness, and still test in the genius range. I have been a long time on this planet, and only recently has there been anywhere near the level of support I have required to thrive. (Better to thrive late than not at all!)

My true work has only begun in the past 4-5 years. While it could easily be asked of me, ?Well, what did you do with all the 50+ years before that?? The simple answer is: ?Getting ready.? It took that long. And, the ?getting ready? process also meant doing whatever it took to simply survive long enough.

When I left home for good, to attend college and to make a life for myself, I got into trouble with drugs and alcohol. This is a separate story but I need to mention it here. Alcohol allowed me temporary relief from my inner conflicts, alienation, and sorrow. It was the 60’s and I was certainly not the only one of my generation whose story runs this way — but as an Indigo, it had particular meaning for me, because the drugs cut me off from Source, and, I learned quickly how super-sensitive my system is to energy fields. I exposed myself to a darkness so vast I hardly knew how to cope with it.

As soon as I would take one drug and realize how damaging it was to me, I knew not to do it again (mercifully I suppose,) yet I still sought to experiment, to find that one perfect ?medicine? that would give me just the right buffer to a reality that seemed harsher than I could bear. I never found such a thing, but I did find my way out of the darkness — eventually.

That which provided temporary relief became the instrument of my confusion. The 12-year span when I used chemicals to shut out what had become nearly unbearable — KNOWING that the misery and suffering of this world is so needless, and that if I were to intervene and thus reveal myself, I would expose myself to things from which I was not yet able to protect myself ? set me back years and required immediate healing attention, which I received gratefully when it came. I was able to free myself of drugs and alcohol when help was offered, and for this I am so grateful. The world lost many of what few Indigos there were at that time to the misuse of drugs and alcohol, to darkness, and to death. The 60’s were a time of great upheaval and a doorway where many left.

EWscape through drugs and alcohol are still tempting to our super-sensitive young Indigo and Crystal children, and I believe it is part of our generation’s responsibility to provide healthy environments that receive our young charges and embrace them for all that they are. As a society we are just starting this journey — and have a long way to go. Thankfully there have been seeded enough of us who are awake and waking, that the young ones can more easily find help now, if they but reach out. (If you are a young person reading this and feel that you are in pain, DO NOT WAIT! Reach out for loving kindness NOW. It is there for you.)

At this time in life, I am much more careful about what I allow into my body, mind, and spirit, but it?s worth noting that I too was almost lost. I have had many close calls — and have actually been pronounced dead three times in my life. Thankfully, am still here to complete my work and my contracts with Light and Life.

This is the beginning of my whole story, and this is the year I have decided to tell it all. I will be writing all about it this year and beyond, in hopes that what I reveal will be useful for others, and will help guide better choices for our parenting and our teaching as we move into other dimensions and possible futures for ourselves and our children, and for the entire family of Life.

If my words give even one person courage to open their hearts and take another step forward into the light, it will be worth it. I hope some of the other early Indigo survivors will show up here, and in our community, and will tell their stories too. If you are still out there, we need to connect and heal together.

My true work as a Builder has begun — and it looks a lot like healing, serving as a spiritual guide, coach, ally, and friend, and a creator of many things. What I am building, and what we are together creating, may not even have tangible form yet — and still, it is happening. It has begun.

I have been down a rocky path, and I have paid a high price to get this far. So have any other Adult Indigos who have made it this far — congratulations to you, and BIG HUGS! What I want most to say is that it has been partly my hard work and determination to survive that has helped to make it possible for YOU to be here. I blazed a trail of sorts — perhaps badly, perhaps leaving turmoil in my wake at times, perhaps not gracefully — but it worked. You were able to get here.

We are ALL here now. And that makes it all worth while for me, because together we can do what needs to be done and what none of us alone can do by ourselves. I have faith that we will. I don?t want your pity for what I suffered but I do want your attention, so that together as a people around the globe we can change things going forward. And we all have to understand what happened, so that we make better choices this time.

When I see this web site, and feel all the joy that is here within each of you, I know why I came to earth when I did, I know why I endured everything that happened to me, and I know what I have to do now. I know my work and my purpose, and it is joyous to be doing it at last. I am sure that many of you, despite any of your challenges, also know how to find your inner joy, and your light. If you didn?t you wouldn?t be reading this.

My work with Bach remedies and flower essences has been the alchemy that I was seeking as a healing modality for myself and in my work with others. I became a Certified Flower Essence Therapist in 1999, and now create custom blended formulas for those who wish to quickly transform patterns of energy that are not serving them well, or to create new patterns by design. I seem to have a special relationship with energy patterns and essences, and a real talent for matching the right remedies for people (and their animal friends.)

I know how to make my own essences, but prefer to leave that to others more suited to the task, devoting myself instead to what I am best at doing. I know if an essence has been made properly and can trust what I use. I work co-creatively with Nature using the MAP techniques taught by Machaelle Small Wright; my repertory consists of over 700 flower essences from sources whose work I know and trust, and whose essences I use myself in my own healing and personal development.

Finally, I want to say that a lot of what happens in life is behind the scenes, inner work that no one else can see. For every person you meet, there is an inner journey that no one knows. They may be doing something inside that will change the course of history, for all you know. And for all we know, so are you! That has been part of my story, and perhaps part of yours, too. Who a soul is, will shine through eventually. The idea is to help this along, in every way we can.

I hope that my story will help others find a smoother, more loving and joyous way of being in the world, and that together we will allow more and more light and love into ourselves, and into the world through us. That is my vision and my purpose. May your life be blessed with joy and light.

Nancy Boyd is an Adult Indigo Writer, Life Coach (Coach U Graduate and member of ICF and the Graduate School of Coaching), and Flower Essence Therapist whose vision is a world alight with love and joy. Nancy?s clients are Cultural Creatives and Indigo kids, teens, adults and their families. You can also access Nancy?s network of trained coaches who work with Indigo kids, teens and adults. For more information, visit http://www.brightwings.com . Her coaching program that helps people stay on track at http//:www.daytoppers.com is another cool tool for your success. Watch for her forthcoming book soon!

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Jul 16 2004

Are You Indigo?

Published by under Are You Indigo?

Wonder whether or not you are an Indigo? This question is coming up more and more, as people learn about Indigo children, teens, and — yes — adults.

You are probably the best person to answer this question — and you can take our free assessment to see where you fall on a spectrum of traits that most indigos have — but to help you figure it out, here’s what I think about it.

Even though the world started hearing about Indigos in the 1990’s. they did not just start coming in then. Some of us have been here a while, preparing the way for others and doing our own work. So yes, you can be an adult Indigo. Now there are so many of us it’s hard to ignore!

Many Adult Indigos have some of the following characteristics (according to another Adult Indigo, Wendy H. Chapman ):

  • Are intelligent, even if you didn’t have had top grades.
  • Are very creative and enjoy making things, whether that’s art, music, poetry, math, or something else.
  • Always need to know WHY, especially why you are being asked to do something.
  • Felt disgusted with the required and repetitious work in school, wanting something more meaningful.
  • Were rebellious in school by refusing to do homework and rejecting authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn’t DARE, usually due to parental pressure.
  • May have experienced early feelings of existential depression or helplessness. “These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult,” says Chapman.
  • Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigos resist authority and hierarchical systems of employment. “Waiting on others” would not exactly be a dream job for an Indigo!
  • Prefer cooperative efforts, leadership positions, or working alone. Subordinate positions seem to grate on your nerves — and don’t even try to patronize you, or watch out.
  • Have deep empathy for others, yet will not tolerate stupidity. (I can’t tell you how many Indigo clients tell me how much other people’s “stupidity” disturbs them!)
  • May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding). Or you may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).
  • May have trouble with RAGE. It just seems to erupt, often when you least expect it. And you don’t like having those feelings, either. But there you are.
  • Have trouble with systems you consider broken or ineffective ie. political, educational, medical, and legal. (Well. . . are there any systems that really ARE working these days???) Indigos tend to tell it like it is — even if that’s not very popular. And it can get you into trouble! (But that may not stop you from having your say and at least making an attempt to right things, as you see it.)
  • Alienation from or anger with politics — feeling your voice won’t count and that the outcome really doesn’t mattter. Feeling ineffectual can lead to apathy and despair. Your “game” is to empower yourself — and others — to make the difference you came here to make.
  • Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream: 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc. That just doesn’t appeal to you, but you may not be sure what some other good alternatives are for you. (Coaching can help you with that part sometimes. . . )
  • Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at “Big Brother watching you.” You have a pronounced “Injustice” Button pinned to your skin — and it’s easily targeted by others. Your job is to try to keep that button away from others as much as you can — and to find effective actions you can take when it’s activated by something outside you.
  • You feel a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world — but you may be at a loss for what exactly to do. You may have trouble identifying your path — or even trying to imagine whether or not you need one.
  • From a young age, have an intense interest in everything spiritual — a natural curiosity — and deep connection to Source, regardless of how your family-of-origin religious beliefs may have confused the topic for you. You may also have psychic abilities beyond what others experience. Often these traits emerge at a very young age (and hopefully were nurtured rather than ridiculed.)
  • Had few if any Indigo role models. Now, of course, that’s all changed — but for those of us born in the 1940’s or 50’s, there weren’t any role models around to look toward for guidance or help.
  • Have strong intuition, whether you call that being psychic or not. And you know that you can usually rely upon it. And do.
  • Random behavior pattern or mind style — (symptoms that are similar to Attention Deficit Disorder); may have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations. But YOU are tracking it all!
  • May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out. Probably long ago you got used to this — although it still isn’t very convenient.
  • May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities. If so, unless you can find someone with whom you can discuss these things, it contributes to your sense of yourself as somewhat different from other people.
  • Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. You may explore alternate types of sexuality, without any particular sense of judgment about it.
  • Seek meaning to your life and understanding about the world through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books — or any ways that you can.
  • If you find balance you may become a very strong, healthy, happy individual — and a role model for others, both Indigo and ordinary.

These are my observations — shared by many other Adult/Elder Indigos. I hope they help you to understand yourself or a loved one better — and to take additional steps to be living your life in joy and peace.

For more information about Indigo children, teens, and adults, visit www.metagifted.org.

If you want to speak with someone who understands, send me a message through the blog to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation of up to 30 minutes,

And thanks for sharing your Light here on this planet!

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