Jul 11 2008

Summer Storms and Weather Alerts

Today I got the first notice about a storm system brewing in the Atlantic Ocean; Hurricane Bertha will actually be the second named hurricane of the season. Those of us who are doing earth-grid work, should take notice.

The work that we have done together in assisting the Earth to do the needed cleansing without the trauma of damage to people or property, is deeply rewarding. But there are not yet enough of us doing that work, and doing it consistently. I want to offer some additional suggestions for making our work more effective and consistent this summer and beyond.

First of all, it’s important to be alerted to news of new storm systems brewing around the planet. There is a lot that we can do, if we know about it in time.

So one of the first things to do is to give you a list of links that you can use to check daily about what’s happening around the world, weather-wise. At the very least, it’s interesting — and it does offer a more global picture than we usually get locally or nationally. We have to stop thinking that “weather” happens only in certain areas! Weather happens all over the planet, and affects all life here.

Here are the links to weather-monitoring sites around the world:

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Watch

National Hurricane Center

Accu Weather

World Weather

Weather Underground


Secondly, we need to do more work with the elements. We need to respect that all the elements have a role to play in the weather patterns of Earth, and to work consciously and co-creatively with both the elements and the weather, to develop more ease for the transitions.

Here are links to my previous articles about how to do this:

Storm Meditations

Consciously Working With Weather Systems

Hurricane and Storm Preparations

As soon as my assistant Suzanne shows me how to do the recordings, I will post additional meditations here that you can listen to and share with others, to increase our outreach and the number of people trained and willing to help. That is going to be important, too.

Finally, although I really hate to mention it, there is a likelihood that humans may be trying to interfere with the weather. Some of these reports can be deliberately planted, for political reasons, which is one reason I hesitate to bring them up. I am opposed to anything that causes fear, because when you are fearful you can be manipulated (for one thing.)

But if in fact any of this weather-control stuff is true — if the weather is being manipulated by unscrupulous groups for their own ends — then we really do need to be aware of it, and take steps to counter it spiritually. That’s why I’m adding it here. Read this with a skeptical eye (in light of the propaganda potential) — but please do read the June 17th, 2009 entry..

Did China Retaliate for US interference with the weather?

Here’s another link regarding the HAARP program (which has been well documented and whose existence is not being disputed by US authorities, although they won’t talk about it publicly.)

So, my friends, if the Earth’s need to cleanse and heal herself were not enough — which is an enormous and important need — we may also be dealing with additional counter-forces that are making our work more challenging.

But Indigos are well up to the task! Always have been, always will be.

Whether it’s “just” the earth needing to cleanse — or whether we are also dealing with massive interference — it doesn’t matter. The principles of Co-Creative Light are a Universal Law, It is our right and duty to use them — and use them wisely.

One more thought here. Lest we ourselves become part of the problem and not part of the solution, I am now including the following in all my meditations about storms and weather. I invite you to do the same.

Our prayers shall serve the Highest Good of All.

The Elements dance in harmony now and always.

The weather serves Life in all its manifestations.

The Life Force of the Universe goes everywhere it is needed, and always flows freely, without interference of any kind.

I serve the Light in all ways, and for the Highest Good, always.

All our prayers are important. We are not only connected to all other life forms, we are connected to the Earth and all the elements. Even to the weather. What happens “out there” — affects all of us. And, what happens “in here” — affects all of us, too.

If you must be in control of something, be in control of yourself! Master your own thoughts and emotions. This is the only path that truly works. It is possibly the only path that ever has.

Many blessings and thanks for all our work together in The Light.


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  2. Blackhatseoon 22 Jul 2008 at 2:37 am

    Added. Nice work on this one. Btw, my blog is dofollow, stop by and grab a link. Walter

  3. Import from Chinaon 23 Jul 2008 at 11:58 am

    Nice post, you got some good points there – thank you.

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