Sep 27 2006

Stay Flexible, My Friends!

For those of you who do yoga, you know the value of staying flexible. For anyone, though, the ability to remain flexible with your plans and daily routines is a skill we are all going to need more and more. That, and resiliency. Two important characteristics to develop and practice. Those who know how — and are using — those skills, will have an easier time of it in the days and months ahead. Just let it flow, and see what you can do with what you’ve got 🙂

About Those Storms. . . Yes, those of us who are doing “Earth-healing” work are doing a great job on the hurry-canes and storms — but the season has more “steam” in it yet. There is more work to be done. I would like to invite all those who feel called to work in this way, to check in at least once a week on the online weather sites, to observe what is happening with the weather around the world. Here in the USA, we get only a limited view of it — which is why it’s important to get a bigger picture (literally.)

There have been some tropical storms we almost “missed” — so be alert, and keep the prayers and visualizations coming, for peaceful transformation of the elements, the atmosphere, the Earth — and all the beings, including, of course, you.


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