Feb 27 2009

Reiki Shamanism, Anyone?

Many Indigos are attracted to spritual teachings from many cultures and beliefs systems; we seem to want to learn as much as we can about how things work ~ and will go to almost any lengths to “check out” ideas and teachings that might be very different from what we learned in our family of origin.

Some paths lead to work with Reiki energy; some lead to indigenous teachings that may or may not include shamanism. And many turn toward the East, to buddhism, yoga, and other spiritual practices, traditions, and belief systems. Because I too have explored many of these areas, it was a wonderful gift to be asked recently by some Native American reiki practitioners/teachers to prepare for them a new line of shamanic reiki flower essences.

You can read the story about these new flower essences over on my other blog, Dances With Flowers. It was quite the endeavor, I assure you! But I ~ and my friends Jim PathFinder Ewing, author of Reiki Shamanism and Annette Waya Ewing, energy worker and teacher ~ are thrilled with the results.

A being that identified itself to my partners as Blue Panther gave them the information about what kind of essences should be made. That information was given to me, and I began a long and arduous journey to prepare the essences. The collection of sixteen formulas are now known as the Blue Panther Energetic Essences. They are ready to ship.

Go see what you think of them! And, if you are a reiki practitioner or student of shamanism, you may very well find the special support you’ve been looking for within these special flower essences formulas.

I’d love to hear what you think about them ~ and get your feedback if you try them!


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