Jul 16 2009

More Reader Questions

Two new reader questions this week:

“What does Indigo usher in for us as an earth people, and our future?”

“Are Indigos here to stop the New World Order?”

These I want to take some time to answer today.  Interestingly, the answer I’m going to give pertains to both of these questions.  Read on. . .

Indigos (and Star Seeds) are here to usher in the 5th World, as prophesied by the Mayan elders and many other Indigenous peoples.  What does that mean?  The 5th World is being created right now.  It has already begun.  Some say that the dates of 2012 are wrong — it’s really 2009 that the 5th World starts.  And from all the energies going on, that feels right.  We have begun to create a new world — and it’s going to be like nothing that’s ever existed before.

How will it be different?

First of all, humans will all be awake.  We will be fully conscious and aware, with fully developed intuitive skills. When you can instantly know one another’s intentions, it’s impossible for there to be subterfuge, deception, manipulation, and other forms of “power over” that has caused so much suffering.  We will be living in a time when nothing can be hidden — nor would anyone wish to hide.  There would be no reason.

Secondly, we are building a world of peaceful co-operation and co-creativeness.  It is a time of building new structures and systems in accordance with Universal and Spiritual Laws (here I refer you to this series of posts for further details), and to release as gently as possible anything and everything that does not serve The Light and the highest good of all.

It will be a time of wonders, healing, goodness, and joy.  All hearts hunger greatly for such a time.  And it is upon us.  Right now.

All we have to do to manifest this fully is to allow it.  Allow it inside yourself.  Allow others to become their most joyful and beautiful selves.  And allow what wants to become, to manifest in all the forms that want to be established.

The systems that are currently in place around the world still do not yet work for all people — let alone all living things.  This must change.  And it will.  The so-called New World Order has run out of time and out of ideas and out of hope.  Its demise may not be pretty, but it will fail because it was built on principles of greed, secrecy, and power-over.  Those principles are part of the dying era.  Indigos are here to birth the new one.

Much more need not be said.  This pretty much says it all.

And truly, are there any humans — or any living beings — who in their innermost hearts do not wish to love and be loved?  To find and experience beauty and joy?  To connect with others in meaningful ways, without fear of harm?  This and more is what we are ushering in — and more than that, co-creating just by being here, alive in this time, emanating our Light for all to share.

I’d love to hear what you think about this.  Your views are welcome.


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5 Responses to “More Reader Questions”

  1. Carolynon 29 Aug 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Hi Nancy,

    I just received an email from you today to say Hi. I intend on answering it in length.

    I did your Indigo quiz a few yrs back and you said my results were off the charts and that Im VERY INDIGO. I wonder if you remember corresponding with me. I believe I’m one of the Pleiadian Starseeds from Erra born in 1974, here to help with humanity’s ascension and the Paradigm shift.

    Ive never enjoyed people that much(which supposedly is one of the starseed traits) much prefer my own company and a loner. But since my awakening to my identity and whats really going on in the world (the dark forces control grid, the Annunaki-Reptilian manipulation and enslavement of humanity etc ) which by the way is the one of the reasons i believe Im here….. To help free Gaia from the dark Forces with Millions of other Star people. Anyways since then i feel its gotten worse. Ive practically become a hermit and find it painful to even go out into society much of the time? I have a few close friends i still see when i am up for it but that’s it.. Is this normal???? I’ve never been much of a people person and find being around people very hard…(also a starseed trait i hear) but since my awakening, severe ascension symptoms, and DNA activation the need for solitude has increased alot.

    Id love to hear your take on this.

    Hope your well and Namaste

  2. Nancy Boydon 29 Aug 2016 at 11:22 pm

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for your question! Yes I understand. What I would recommend is to get a custom blend of flower essences to support you in making the personal adjustments you need, to keep you as stable and connected with Source as possible. Send me an email and we can discuss this if you’re interested.

    This may well be enough, but if not maybe we can chat by email or social media if you like.

    I’m on Facebook and posting information almost daily that might help stay on top of the changes we’re in.

    Meanwhile, hugs and many blessings of Love, Peace and Light!

  3. Carolynon 30 Aug 2016 at 12:32 am

    Hi Nancy.

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I’m not on Facebook but yes i will email you.

    The last few years have been hard for me. Im suspecting its all part of my ascension. Lots of Kundalini awakening symptoms. Headaches in crown chakra, sinus pressure, extreme fatigue for days on end then disappears, new joint pain, abdominal bloat that comes and goes, blurred vision, light sensitive (wear sunglasses all the time), dietary changes, (can only eat organic or food with the life force in it. Becoming way too sensitive to chemicals in the food etc… . I just get so disappointed that the Paradigm shift isn’t happening fast enough no matter how much work i put in to the mission of helping to awaken others to whats really going on. I am a member of several Starseed websites and try to do active lightwork on there, (faithfully and with full dedication) yet i still see such slow progress…..no matter how many awakened Starseed there are. Were still greatly outnumbered by the sleeping masses!Thats still the obstacle.

    It depresses me and then i just want to stay at home and hide and then it festers. I think the flower essences are a great idea. I respond wonderfully to aromatherapies.

    i love lavender in particular…

    Im going to send you an email in the next few days. id love more input from you. I need to connect with fellow indigos who understand. Im lost without that.

    Much love to you too sweetie love and light

    Talk to you soon

  4. Nancy Boydon 30 Aug 2016 at 1:32 am

    Hi Carol,

    Oops I see for some reason that last comment got posted 3 times by mistake. Oh dear. Well. . . technology is having a time keeping up with the changes too LOL!

    Will look forward to your email and do my best to respond quickly to it. What you are describing is “par for the course” ~ we just have to be patient with our bodies and spirits while the energies are so intense. Our systems have been prepared for all this, of course, but that doesn’t make it comfortable when it happens. I try to think of it as growing pains.

    As for being discouraged about so many people not waking up yet? There are more than we realize. The problem is that mainstream media does NOT want to reflect anything but its own agenda, which is not the one WE know Source is supporting. So we imagine that nothing is happening, when in actuality millions have awakened and more are every day. We just don’t see them yet, but we CAN see their effects when we look at alternative media and news — there are good people making a difference, Indigos inventing solutions faster and faster (many of the addressing difficult global problems such as cleaning the oceans, producing fuel from sea water and getting energy from ocean waves, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now. It’s staggering to see, and beautiful.

    Well. Let’s keep talking.

    If you want to learn more about flower essences I will point you to my blog http://www.DancesWithFlowers.com, where you can find out almost everything you want to know. Check out the FAQ tab, and ask any other questions that are not answered there, in one of the comment areas.

    Be well, be gentle with you, and thank you for all your Love and Light!

  5. Carolynon 30 Aug 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Hi Nancy,

    Don’t forget that Mercury is in Retrograde as of today until the 22nd of September so expect all the usual technology mishaps and frustrations and delays. We all need to take special care right now and be prepared. Never a good time to start on any new projects or endeavors. Always best to wait till she turns direct again. Copious amounts of Chocolate may help make this Mercury RX easier LOL

    Mercury RX is real not just some old wives tale lol. If your computer is already acting testy it could be due to Mercury ‘s shadow period which usually starts a week to ten days before it turns full retrograde. Sometimes you’ll feel the first few sparks of it before the Actual first day of the retrograde.

    Just a gentle reminder…. if anything can or does go frustratingly wrong…… The trickster is up to his old tricks again and is to blame

    Love and light


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