Jul 10 2008

Prosperity For Indigos and Sensitive People

For many people these days, money (or the lack of it) is causing tidal waves of fear and insecurity. So many questions, so many stress points. I believe the widespread worries that are affecting so many people globally, are impacting those of us who are super-sensitive as well. Some of us tend to take on “more than our share”.

So what I’d like to discuss today are some ways to cope with your own situation — and how to better process what you may be picking up in the “human consciousness stream”.

I just wrote a post over at my other blog, Dances With Flowers, about a new combination Prosperity Package that helps you deal with all the issues you may be having around abundance, money, self-worth, worries about financial insecurity, and overcoming obstacles. These formulas are powerful but natural ways to get your energetic patterns sorted out and strengthened — so that you can access your own intuition about what you need to do.

It’s interesting that Karen Bishop was writing about a similar topic just yesterday. You might also want to read what she has to say about how to deal with the shifting energies — and how to keep yourself where you need to be, to manifest and allow everything in alignment with your soul purpose here.

For Indigos, Lightworkers, and super sensitive people, it’s important to find natural and healthy ways to support your energy systems. Flower essences are one of the best, fastest, and easiest ways to do that — naturally. Whether it’s about prosperity — or just keeping yourself clear of negativity — look to the flowers to help you BE you, whole and sane.


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