Oct 23 2008

Project Powerful and Positive

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Project Powerful and Positive

These are dark times. The fear mongers are out in full force.

The many negative voices that are broadcasting fear-based messages are driving people to panic — and distracting them from everything that truly matters.

We must not let the voices of darkness predominate. Project Powerful and Positive is our answer to combating the negativity and reminding ourselves and others of all that is good in our world.

Feel free to download your very own copy by clicking the book cover. It is our gift to you. We?d love for you to pass it on to those you love and care about.

  • You MAY distribute and share this book freely with others, provided that you do not charge for it.
  • You MAY NOT use any portion of this book without attribution.
  • You MAY NOT bundle this book with other products you intend to sell.
  • You MAY NOT charge anything for this book under any circumstances.

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Inside, you’ll find powerful and positive messages from: Nancy Boyd, Bonnie Boots, Alana Lee, William Wittmann, Michael Lee, Rosemary Heehan, Kasey J. Claytor, Peter Shepherd, Steven Liebowitz, Ed.D., Elyse Hope Killoran, Laura Whitelaw and Liz Lichti, Anisa Aven, Suzanne Bird-Harris, Maryam Webster, Annette Waya Ewing, and Buz McGuire.

Thanks for passing the powerful messages along!

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