Apr 04 2008

Personal and Planetary Enlightenment

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The whole planet — its peoples, animals, birds, fish, insects — and the Earth herself — is in a process of waking up.

Can you feel it?

Because we are made up of all the elements (the very “clay” of the earth — as well as part of her vibrational field — and part of the Life Force that makes up the Universe) — how could we not all be feeling the changes of accelerated energies as they move through us?

We will each notice — and respond — to this in different ways. Sometimes it’s our physical being that is challenged. Sometimes it’s the emotions. Other times we may not be thinking as clearly, and feel like we are living inside some kind of fog machine.

The best thing to do is to know that you are part of All-That-Is. And instead of individuals waking up one at a time, it seems like we are trying to do this all together. Wow! What an enormous effort! And yet, all each of us has to do is our own individual piece, whatever that is in each moment.

We don’t need to do it all, just the bit we’re given to chew on right now. And most of the time, we can handle that. At times when it feels like it’s too much — just wait. It will change. Even the most intense experiences (and hey, there have been some doozies over the past few months and years) will mellow and feel better as our systems adjust and get comfortable with the changes.

And remember to connect with other life forms — whether that be a human, a tree, a 4-legged, a flyer, a swimmer, or the Earth itself, It is in the connection that we find companionship, understanding, and peace.

And, from time to time, you can find information that helps. I hope that I am creating such a space for you here.

Here is another space online, whose intentions are to bring us closer while we grow: Time 2 Wake Up . And don’t forget What’s Up On Planet Earth

(That last one is one of my favorites, for validating things I’ve experienced recently.)

And finally, be alert for others who may need to know that it’s possible to live a life of integrity, Light, and love here, when all around us it may look like it’s all falling apart and darkness seems overwhelming. While we’re on this planet, it seems like we’ve needed the contrasts. Maybe we don’t need them so much any more?

And remember — to “lighten up” is a good thing to know how to do, anytime you want!

Let me know what you think. Stay centered, take good care of you, and shine your Light!


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