Jun 09 2009

Night Classes, Part One

For a long time, I’ve hesitated to share this information publicly. It seemed just about some of the most “far out” stuff I probably have ever experienced, for one thing. For another, it’s almost impossible to prove (although there are perhaps ways to do so, if I were to try.) And finally, unless you are someone who has also had these experiences, it’s hard to describe so that someone else will understand.

Gosh, the frustrations of being Indigo!

But because it finally occurred to me that, once again, maybe I’m not alone. . . I decided to go ahead and share my story about “night classes.” It’s a long strange trip, believe me. . .

What I’m about to describe has nothing to do with school or classes in the regular sense of the word. Instead, this is something that’s been happening regularly for me, in the middle of the night, when I am deeply asleep.

The reason I even know that it’s happening at all, is that from time to time I awaken — not fully, but enough to notice that there is something going on. At those times, it’s almost as if my consciousness is prevented from rising to full awakeness, and I have to struggle just to stay alert enough to notice what exactly is happening, as best I can tell.

Images are pr0jected onto the ceiling of the room where I sleep. usually through some kind of colored filter (often rose pink, but also sometimes deep indigo blue or deep green.) The images sometimes are fixed or static; that is, they don’t move. Other times, the images are rapidly moving, so fast I can’t quite distinguish one from the other. At those times, all I can tell is that there are rapidly moving shapes being projected against the ceiling. I call them shapes because they are not like pictures or photographs or movies; they are images of numbers, geometric forms, math symbols, graphic symbols, and multidimensional “things” — for want of a better way to describe them.

The images often pulsate, and frankly there is an other-worldly sense about them. I won’t say “alien” — because many of them actually feel familiar. But it’s definitely not ordinary, in any sense of the word. There is something different about this experience, that distinguishes it from ordinary dreaming or lucid dreaming. For one thing, there is the physical sense of being in my body but not being able to move; I am not quite fully awake but neither am I any longer in a dream state. In fact, I have usually awakened from a different dream into this experience, as if my dream was interrupted by “this” (whatever you call it.)

I found this image online that represents fairly closely some of how the images appear (although this drawing isn’t an actual drawing I’ve seen before.)

Strange Stuff on the Ceiling

Strange Stuff on the Ceiling

It also occurs to me that there have been nights when, as I’m falling asleep, I say in my mind, “Teach me, Lyricus” — with the intention that if there is information I need to know, that will be useful here on the planet during these times, it will be made known to me.

I suppose I can’t complain if the information is delivered in, shall we say, rather unconventional ways. But still. . .

Maybe it’s time for me to head over to Dr. Richard Boylan’s site and read up on Star Kids. I hear he has a great questionnaire going over there.

I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced things like this. Hey, it’s my turn to ask for help in not feeling alone here!

Stay tuned for more on this general topic. And please do add your comments below.


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