Jul 02 2009

Night Classes, Part Three

Being awake in the dream is both a learned skill to some degree and something that often comes naturally for Indigos.  Some Indigos seem to be able to work with their dream content naturally — whether it’s of a precognitive nature, or just working through personal, family, or societal issues.

Dreaming Yourself Awake

Dreaming Yourself Awake

When I was studying with one Native American elder, she would have us do “dream practice”.  Many of the subtle teaching were actually held during the dream time ~ which meant that we had to really pay attention and remember what we dreamed, and to be ready to ask questions and learn from what happened.  It was a very exciting, expansive time for me!

She said that some of the classes were held on other planets.  That was another thing that used to fascinate me:  how did we get there and back?  All I can say is that it’s possible — and that it worked.

There is a close relationship between what happens during your ordinary faytime life, and what happens in the dreamtime.  I can see why the Aboriginal Elders (along with other Indigenous peoples) say that the Dream Time is the only real thing.

What kind of world would we like to dream into being now?  Let’s do it!  We have the support of the entire Universe with us.


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