Apr 19 2007

More Shootings: What Will It Take?

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My heart is so sad this week for the families, friends, and victims of the Virginia shootings. I didn’t know until later in the week that I have a relative who was on campus at the time (but not in danger.) Whether or not you know anyone personally, this tragedy affects all of us, as did 9/11 and as did Columbine and as did Oklahoma City.

Because of my deep belief in healing and the power of consciousness, I want to share with you an invitation from the Peace Alliance — an organization that has been working to establish a cabinet level position and Department of Peace and Non-Violence in the U.S. government. Here is their invitation to all who share in the vision of a world without violence. Violent behavior has become a primary way to express frustration, anger or other intense feelings. That way does not work for anyone.

Get involved. Work to create — and fund — the Department of Peace and Nonviolence. This is something you can do now.

In the months ahead, more of us are going to be called upon to hold the Light clearly — and to demonstrate that there are other ways to deal with uncomfortable feelings — to get past them, transform them. And so we shall. Together.


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