Sep 11 2008

Messing With Mother Nature ~ Again

This week as we got new reports about the Hadron Collider experiment underway in Switzerland, I couldn’t help but wonder if this enormously expensive project is really worth it. Obviously, many scientists and nations seem to think so.

But, what is the true cost of this project?

The goal of the multi-billion dollar physics experiment, say scientists, is to discover whether or not they can create a Higgs boson, a particle that theoretically endows other particles with mass. One effect of this experiment, scientists hope, will be the recreation of what happened when our Universe was created — the particles that were present at the very beginning.

Here are links to sites that describe what it’s all about, and where the public can have access to some of the information — and eventual findings — of the project:

Tomasso Dorigo’s blog

CERN site

From everything I can gather so far, this whole thing makes me very uneasy — for many reasons.

The main one is that it does not appear that the scientists are working in a co-creative model; they appear to be doing what they have been doing for several centuries; trying to play God.

Power as a path is frought with trouble. Maybe ultimate power really does belong in the hands of God. We humans are still learning how to be response-able with ours.


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