Jul 28 2008

Manifest Whatever You Want!

This coming Friday, August 1st, you will have the chance of a lifetime.

I’m introducing to you a 14-year-old Master of Manifestation, Linus Rylander. Linus is a 14-year-old boy living in Sweden. He has studied manifestation since the age of 9.

But you know what?

He’s a natural.

It didn’t take much! He put the pieces together quickly. And his level of understanding surpasses many many adults decades older than he is!

I will be interviewing Linus this Friday on a conference call.

If you want to listen in — and show up to ask questions — you need to be here:

Register for the Manifestation Call

If you want to hear it but can’t join live, you still need to register; we are only going to be sending out the link to the replay line to registered participants.

There are a limited number of lines for this call — so please register early to ensure a place.

Oh. If you know anyone who struggles with prosperity and abundance? They need to hear this! Send them the link.

See you there!



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