Oct 17 2008

How To Manifest A Miracle

It’s been said that a miracle is something that happens in life where God chooses to remain anonymous. But really? Miracles are not all that rare. You can make them happen almost any time you want.

See, every moment of every day, the Law of Attraction is at work in everyone’s life.

And the Law of Attraction isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t about getting something you lack; it’s about matching what you already know and are.

If you can see the correlation between what you think, feel and believe… and what you get, it is called deliberate creation.

Deliberate creation is the deliberate use of your thoughts and feelings to manifest things that you want in the physical world.

The art of deliberate creation is a skill that can be acquired through practice and repetition, just like any other skill that you may have learned before.

My friend, Gary Evans, has been doing it for quite some time and has produced a step-by-step system that is designed to take you from having a desire or idea in your head and work with you all the way through to experiencing the physical manifestation of your desire.

Where most products focus on theory and advice, Gary’s program, “How to… Manifest a Miracle”, focuses closely on providing practical steps that you can take right away to start seeing more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

You can read about Gary’s program here:

Manifest A Miracle

On that page you will find a clear definition of the manifestation process and what areas you need to focus on, as well as the story about how Gary discovered and created his system.



PS. Gary is so serious about your success with his system that he will actually give up his own time to help you work through any problems you have with the program. You can read about his commitments to you on his website.

Manifest A Miracle

PPS. I’d like for YOU to manifest miracles in YOUR life, too! Go check this out.

How to... Manifest a Miracle



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  1. Ashleyon 17 Oct 2008 at 6:51 pm

    I’ve had expriences with the ideas in “Manifest a Miracle” and one experience in particular jumps right out.

    I made a list of a few goals I wanted to accomplish this year, one of which revolved around paying off tuition and credit card debt that occured during the course of my education.

    During the creation of the list, and for a few days after, I would spend a bit of time visualizing the completion of my goals (I’d see bills with “Paid” stamped on them).

    The next step involved focusing on the behaviors that brought me closer to my goal, and reducing or eliminating the behaviors that caused further debt. This included re-writing a payment schedule with confidence that it would be done within the time I figured for each of three bills.

    From this, I began to look around at things that were blocks or were just stagnant in my life. Physically speaking, I had an accumulation of books (many from school) and other things that I never used. I began sending the books to used booksellers or donating to the local library. Little by little, the physical space I was in became clearer (clutter-free) and I did not bring anything in or buy anything that wasn’t needed or didn’t love (which helped reduce spending).

    Shortly after, I began receiving checks for the books I sent to sellers, a few from family I hadn’t heard from who suddenly thought of me, and the school district I work for offered me a coaching job with a sport I absolutely loved. Within one month, I had received money that totaled exactly what I needed to pay off one of my three bills.

    And the thing is, what had brought me joy wasn’t the money/checks, but the actions that accompanied them. Getting rid of old books made my office area clutter-free and I felt calmer and as if I could think and breathe again. Hearing from relatives is always a joy, as I rarely hear from anyone. And the coaching job? Was for colorguard. I participated in color guard in high school and had it not been for performing with the band, I would have sunk further into depression during those years. Color guard was a life saver and one of the happiest times of my life, and now I’m excited to say that I get to work with girls who share that excitement and are truely interested in those experiences.

    My life was not happy because I canceled out a debt, but I canceled out a debt when I took steps to bring happiness into my life. As the Manifest a Miracle site says, “If you feel good about anything at all, then you’re going to attract things that you associate with being good.”

  2. Nancyon 18 Oct 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Ashley, your comments are wonderful! Thank you.

    I’m so glad you shared about the clutter; “things” really can and do hold energy that affects well-being, and often hinders the very progress you want. I imagine most of us would be well served to do a conscious practice such as you describe here, on a regular basis.

    Again, much appreciation for this ~ and your other ~ wonderful comments and suggestions.

    Many blessings,


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