May 24 2007

Let There Be Light!

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There is going to be a LOT of light, starting next year, according to a report from Earth Changes Media. One of their latest headlines reads: “Solar Storm Warning: You Have One Year to Prepare”.

“The federal government now predicts a new cycle of solar storms will begin to intensify by spring 2008. Actually, it already began on July 1st 2007, but by spring ?08, we will start to see larger and possibility of dangerous consequences. The new set of storms are expected to peak around the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. That’s the conclusion of scientists at NASA and NOAA. Interesting coincidence with the Mayan Calendar, huh?”

What this means to me is, we all need to prepare for what would happen if our electromagnetic fields affect computers, phones, GPS systems, and anything that requires electricity.

Think about it.

Plan for how you will function. And watch for coming articles about what else we can do — I think there are LOTS of ways we can help!

The key here is to know in advance and prepare yourself, using your common sense and the intuitive skills you have. We are the ones who can help all the others 🙂


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