Jul 28 2006

Let Me Choose Peace

Because we understand that time is not a constant but a wave, we can catch the wave wherever we are in it. Past present and future all exist in the ever-present NOW. Let us be here, now, and offer our own love and light for all those who suffer, did suffer, or will suffer. The time is now. It is always now. Take this moment, and be whole within it.

“On Behalf of Humanity I choose PEACE.”

Working to hone, and amplify this vibration within
self as service.

Removal of blockages related to resistance to peace…..

Two special free meditations – by the Council of Light through Katherine Wright Desai

Tuesday, July 25th 10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time –
focus PEACE vibration

Wednesday, July 26th, Noon Eastern Daylight Time
focus PEACE through Stepping into all you are capable of becoming.

Peace will manifest when we are all doing our joy in mastery.

Harnessing the energy of this new moon to usher in the
changes you wish to see….

PACEM gatherings will continue on the new and full moons
to assist with holding positive light.

Pacem – Peace in latin — “Donna Nobis Pacem” “Give Us Peace”

Let us prepare a template of Peace so strong, that anyone who wishes, can feel it and receive grace.

Meditation for Peace in our hearts, in the hearts and minds of all beings, and for peace in our weather

We who witness also suffer. We now transform the anger, fear, despair, grief, sorrow — whatever is *not* love and goodness — into powerful,
just, peaceful actions.

I am not here to ask anyone what you should believe or how you should act. I think in your own hearts and highest expression of your soul,
you already know this.

What I ask is for you to CONNECT with your heart, with your soul, and with your higher mind — to connect with others of good will. And to
struggle past all appearances of discord, however they may arise in and around you.

Do not place your anger “out there” as a projection against which you can direct rage. The rage does not hurt others so much as it hurts you,
because it destroys your own inner sanctuary and peace.

What I say here is to call each of you higher. The pain comes when something is broken.

Keep your connections to Source strong and steady — this is how we Lightworkers can bring blessings to torn peoples and places — and to ourselves.

Here is a practical meditation to do ===>

Each day, whenever thoughts of trouble or discord come to you, or you hear people around you speaking negatively or fearfully about current events or about the future, take a moment to re-connect to Source. You KNOW that all the Universe is made of the love-energy. You know that with the deepest part of you. Touch into that place, and connect with it.

Recognize that polarity (the appearance of opposites) is nothing but energy seeking resolution and harmony, begin to imagine the threads of each of the “forces” as a color, or a sound. In your mind and in your heart, allow the colors to meet and merge, so that they form a NEW color; allow the sounds to meet and hear each other, so that a new sound is produced — and let them play together until you hear harmony, or perhaps add the “missing tone” that will create a chord and make the harmony new.

Play with whatever emages come to you, in your meditation time (this can be very short, my friends — it does not take long to make a peaceful space, once you decide this is what you will do. . . because you are creating it inside your own mind.

When you feel the harmony inside you, extend it outward in your mind until it reaches your family, your neighbors, your community, your country, and to the whole planet, then to the whole Universe, and send it back to God/Creator/Universal Mind.

Prayer for the weather:

Let all heal and come to right and proper balance.

There is healing inside the bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits of all the peoples. There is healing inside the bodies, hearts, minds and spirits of all the animals — the wingeds, the crawlers, the creepers, the swimmers, and the diggers. There is healing for all the beings in whatever form they live here in this world, and in all worlds and times. All are healed and come to right and proper balance.

There is healing and peace in the winds. There is healing and peace in the waters. There is healing and peace in the Earth. There is healing and peace in the fires and flame. There is healing and peace in the ethers and in deep space. All are healed and come to right and proper balance. All forms resolve into their perfection. There is goodness in movement. There is goodness in stillness. All are healed and come to right and proper balance.

There is goodness in thought. There is goodness in speech. There is goodness in actions. All are healed and come to right and proper balance. All are blessed and healed. All find comfort and peace. All remember their connection to Source — and know Love. And so it is.

Then close your meditation for a prayer of thanks for your connection to Source, and for your ability to visualize harmony in the midst of chaos, confusion and pain.

You are the angels and healers of this time. Let your Light shine!


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