Jul 29 2009

Keeping Up With The Energy Shifts ~ Or Not

These days things change so fast, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, let alone calibrate what’s going on and what it means — on a personal level as well as for our human consciousness.  That’s why I like to read other blogs and check in on what others are noticing; often their reflections mirror my own, and give me some validation.

One of the sites I like for this is Karen Bishop’s What’s Up On Planet Earth (which now has a new web site called Emerging Earth Angels.)  Her latest post talks about the kind of strange “lull” some of us have been feeling, where projects are stalled, things seem to be at a complete stand-still, and equipment doesn’t work right.

For instance, my flagship web site was down for more than 48 hours from Sunday to Tuesday because of a major server failure; one of my clients cancelled her call because she just had a “blue screen of death” on her computer and had to send for a new hard drive to replace it — thank goodness for backup!  (Hey — you ARE backing up your systems and your data, aren’t you?  Make sure you do!)  And so on.  These things keep happening, and rather than become frustrated by them, it’s easier just to check out the energy flows and to see what’s happening on a larger scale.  The perspective is helpful.

And frankly, so is the rest!  We’ve been moving at quite the speed lately, and working hard in multiple dimensions.  We truly have earned a rest.  But sometimes it feels like I’m all geared up with nowhere to go!  Ever have that feeling?


For instance, have you noticed that the major storms and hurricanes that were predicted for this summer haven’t happened?  Did you wonder why that is?  I have.  And I’m pretty sure I know the answer, too.  What I think has happened is that enough Lightworkers have engaged with the elements on the planet, to create buffer zones when pressure starts to build.  We can quickly adjust to areas of stress on the planet, to ease the tension and prevent chaotic weather patterns from forming.  We humans are getting really good at this!

But it’s hard work.  It takes concentration and focus. And we’ve earned a rest.  So enjoy it.  I’m trying to, and waiting for the clear moment I’ve anticipated.  I think I’ll know when it arrives.

There will be more work ahead, and in different arenas as well.  Authorities are predicting a challenging fall this year with the flu and H1N1; stay healthy and take precautions.  I’ll post some links here soon that will help you plan and that can give you the information you need to keep yourself and your families safe.

And we could all do some work on the jagged polarities of them/us that still seem to get in the way of planetary harmony.

Meanwhile, check out Karen’s blog and see if what she has to say resonates for you.  It sure does for me — and doggone it, wouldn’t you know, it’s not what I wanted to hear either, because I’m smack in the middle of a big project and wanted it to move forward smoothly.  It isn’t.  And now I can see part of the reason why.  The Universe needs time to help us align properly, so that ALL our projects can manifest in divine order and perfection.  (Yeah, I’d rather have it that way too. . . )

How has the past month or so been for YOU?  Chime in and let me know.


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