Jan 30 2009

January’s Almost Over ~ And We’re Off And Running. Sort Of.

How’s the new year been for you? Here at Bright Wings the report is mixed. The month has been purposeful, practical, celebratory, and challenging — sometimes all at the same time!

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So far this year we’ve got a new progressive president; I’ve made a new collection of shamanic reiki flower essences; announced a new program to reward my customers with discounts in exchange for their community service efforts (inspired by the Obama’s call to Renew America); and started working on a huge project that’s top secret for now.

The energies have been uneven to sustain all our work; there have been times when I can feel a vast field of energy that is helping us all to stay focused on our important work. Other times? it’s like, “Where did it go?” A sudden “let-down” that requires me to slow way down and rest and recuperate.

Has it been like that for any of you? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it.

I’ve got my assistants and teams working on changes to the web sites that will support the new products and services, and hoping to hear soon that it’s all ready. I’ll let you know when it is.

Meanwhile, in my reading I’ve been enjoying a new book by Seth Godin called Tribes. It’s speaking to everyone who is inspired to create change. I am thinking that would be a lot of us Indigos!

It’s one of your Must-Read books for 2009.

Watch for more announcements soon. I’m off to check on the great email debacle of the week (ATT saw fit to block all the servers from one of the hosts I use for two domains and that means no email is getting through.) That’s been one of the week’s latest challenges. Typical Mercury retrograde stuff. . .but things should start moving ahead by next week.

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2 Responses to “January’s Almost Over ~ And We’re Off And Running. Sort Of.”

  1. Ashleyon 30 Jan 2009 at 9:48 pm

    I hear you on the stop and go of things. I will feel stuck, and as if all time has stopped. Then suddenly, I’m on the far side of major cleaning projects, or laundry lists of errands and chores long overdue. I’ll feel motivated to do something, but not know what it is. I have moments of clarity on “the big picture” and once I get started, find myself with no memory of what that was.

    I feel that I’m taking leaps–not steps– toward manifesting the life I’ve envisioned. But for some reason, I can move forward and see where I’m going at the same time.

  2. Nancyon 31 Jan 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Yes! That’s a very good description of what’s been going on here too. Such interesting energies to work with now. I suppose we won’t be bored as we move into these very new spaces of Super-Now (that’s what I’ve taken to calling them.) Works as good as anything else 🙂

    Thanks for your insight on it.

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