Oct 16 2008

Are Indigos Here To Fit In, Co-Create Change, or Both?

The next few articles are in answer to Carol’s questions, because they are also the questions I hear frequently from adult Indigos. So for all of you who have been thinking or feeling the same things, here you go 🙂

The first topic is about fitting in, having a sense that this world is a safe place for you to be ~ a sense of real belonging.

For an adult Indigo who clearly sees that so few of the people around you

  • match your vibration
  • think like you do
  • hold the spiritual values you hold
  • behave as if Spirit/God/the Divine is real

the question of belonging is just going to come up!

So often I’ve said rather boldly, “Of course you belong here! It’s what you chose and desired above all things before you came in!”

But this answer is not satisfying, when you want so badly for things to already be the way you know they CAN be here. The pain of living in a world that is so far from ideal, is, well, to one degree or another painful. Yep, it just is.

If you are lucky you will find a few close friends who will understand you. If you are luckier still you will have been born into a family who supports you at every level. And if you are truly blessed, you will attract friends and a mate with whom you can share deep meaning during your journey here.

And, from what I can see and observe, sometimes it takes a while to find and connect with the “right” people who do match your vibration ~ and who are worthy companions for your journey.

See, the thing we keep avoiding to notice is that we Indigos came here to change things BECAUSE of who we are. We intended to be different. We intended to break patterns, shatter expectations, exceed limits and boundaries, break some rules, and make a LOT of new pathways into something much lighter and more, well, divine than what we found when we came here.

For some of us, it’s been our mission to break the old systems down. For others of us, it’s been our mission to create new forms, patterns, and systems ~ through using one or more of the considerable gifts we were born with.

For some of us, the expression is through art. For others, it’s music, or science, or math, or humor. For others it’s computers and technology. For all of us, though, there is some gift we bring that MUST be expressed.

And for all of us, if we do nothing more than simply breathe and stay in connection with Source, that is enough. Our vibration blends with that of other Indigos and Crystals, to form the Light Grid that now sustains the planet.

So I guess the answer is going to be that yes, we definitely belong here, but no, we do not and maybe never will fit into a system that is so dysfunctional that Source is routinely excluded. We came to change the system, not fit into it!

If that answer is scary, then take heart from this: you are not alone! There are now millions of Indigos all over the planet, in a wide range of ages. Except for the very old among us, there will generally be someone slightly ahead of you on the path, upon whom you can lean when times seem hard, and from whom you can learn.

Just remember to reach a hand out behind you to the ones who come after, to help them find their own way too 🙂

We are all here for a larger purpose and mission: to assist the planet, the Universe, and all living beings, to rise higher in vibration ~ and through the joyous use of our gifts and talents, create Heaven right where we stand. In every moment.

Most Indigos have had those moments of exquisite beauty. We are here to bring more of those to our own experience, and for the benefit of all.

So then.

What do you need to do today, to allow your gifts to flow freely and to experience the joy you knew before you came here?

If any of you are feeling a bit lost these days, seek beauty in all forms. Go out into the natural world and take in the vibration that arises from the Earth. Watch the dawn and the sunset. Drink the rain drops that fall from the sky. Send a blessing from your heart to a baby (whether it be human or some other species.)

These things come naturally to you, and will feed and sustain you through almost anything.

And of course, you are always welcome here.

In the coming weeks and months I am planning more ways for us to connect and interact. Let me know if this would be of interest to you.

I’ll be answering more questions soon.

With love and light,



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  1. Carolon 17 Oct 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Wow Nancy
    thank you Yes I can relate to that thank you so much


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