Jul 12 2009

Indigo Vibrations, Thriving, And More

Lately readers have been sending a lot of great questions to me personally, and rather than answer each one of them individually, I thought it might make more sense to post them here and respond so that everyone could benefit — and participate in the conversation.

The latest round has to do with how Indigos are vibrating, and the relationship between what we hold and know as the ideal ~ and what happens when we discover others here on the planet who are:

  • not awake yet
  • not aware of the harm they are causing to others
  • seemingly unwilling to cooperate with the enormous changes in transforming systems and societies so that how we live is of benefit to all living things

Yeah, there’s a LOT to be said about this!  And my answers just might make a very long post.

I also want to say to all my readers:  “Hey, you have your OWN answers!  You don’t need to look outside yourself for validation any longer.”  Trust yourself!  That said, if you’d like to hear what I have to say about this and more, do read on.

One reader puts the question this way (which is a very common question I’m hearing a lot these days, which is why I wanted to answer it here on the blog).:

One question I have is that if Indigos are these highly advanced souls who are supposed to be vibrating at this really high vibration, but as a result of being at this high vibration, they don’t really connect with that many other people and most other people just don’t get them, and then as a result of that, they feel really misunderstood, lonely and depressed a lot of the time, then wouldn’t those bad feelings of being misunderstood, loneliness and depression lower their vibration dramatically?

I ALWAYS knew I was different, and psychics, astrologers, palm readers, etc. are always telling me I am such an old advanced soul, but don’t negative emotions lower one’s vibration?  I am studying the Abraham-Hicks work and it has helped a lot and I really, really strive for feelings of well-being and I am achieving it more and more now but it is so hard because I never really felt like I belonged on the earth plane and I do not connect with most conventional people.

Wouldn’t a person who is a newer soul, with very few problems, an easy life who totally fits in and is happy all the time be better off and be vibrating higher?  Abraham says it is your feelings that determine your vibration so if all of these misfit Indigos don’t really feel that great a lot of the time, can they really be benefiting the world all that much?

I really want to understand this and appreciate your help.”
What a great question!  This touches on several things that I want to tease apart, in order to be as clear as possible about them.

1)  Indigo core vibration and transient energy fields

The question about keeping your vibration at a high level has more to do with transient moods and responses to what one encounters on a daily basis, rather than the quality of the vibration Indigos carry at their core.  For example,  you may (or rather, most certainly WILL!!) encounter people or institutions that are clearly operating at a very low vibration and thereby causing harm.  This is just going to “push your buttons” as an Indigo, because we’re hard-wired to reject that which is not based in love and truth.

The thing is, whether you now recall making the contract to come here or not, part of the “deal” was that you’d be in situations that are going to call you to rebel, make waves. and DO something about what you encounter here.  On the other side, before you got here, you already knew it would not be easy.  It would not be “home” the way Heaven is — and until you got old enough to understand that the current situation here on Planet Earth is still in transformative territory — that unless you find family and allies who are up to the same things you are, there would be no help or respite for you — and that there is no one else to turn to, who is going to come riding in on a “white horse” to save you OR the planet.  It’s going to be an inside job for all humankind to do, this waking up and making changes.

It’s the Indigos who volunteered to be here on the front lines, who KNOW what needs to change — and who know how to live in love and peace and joy.  We are the ones who hold the sacred knowledge about how to live in harmony without causing harm to others.  Now, because we are in an environment that does not wholly support who we are, this alone causes pain.  We are not getting our personal needs met, or not met well enough.  And it hurts!  So we have THAT to deal with.

Then, we have the aspect of how it feels to be called to make waves and great cultural change, without much support.  That’s tough.  It’s like being on a battlefield with only paper shields and good ideas.  But our “weapons” are peace, kindness, hope, inspiration, and the power of enormous goodness and connection to Source.  And a vision and deep, deep knowing of how it is to live without discord.   In many ways, our “weapons” are all we need — because the institutions of war and greed and all the other drivers of the Piscean Age are dying now.  With our help, of course.  And the energy of creation and co-creation is more powerful than the energies of destruction.  Conveniently, they also happen to feel better 🙂

And finally, we have the pain of wanting desperately to be already living in an ideal world that we know to our core is possible.  The yearning for something that isn’t here yet is powerful and compelling.  It requires of us that we reach deep inside, stay anchored to Source, take deep breaths, and fling ourselves into the fray wherever we see an opening.  Many of us “make openings” where there were none — and that’s the hardest way of all.

So this is what it means to be a “spiritual warrior”.  We are the ones who take seriously the imperative for change — and demand and work tirelessly for it in every way we can imagine.  It is like an insatiable hunger in our souls — whose only satisfaction can come in small doses until our combined work creates the massive shifts that sometimes happen, and surely will continue in ever more rapid waves well into this century.

As to the energies of anger that get evoked when we contact something less than ideal?  They aren’t who you are at your core.  They flash, and can be used to create change.  And then you return to the Truth that you carry inside — which is Love.  Always Love.

Isn’t that so?  Isn’t that what really happens for you?
So don’t stay in the flashes — stay with the core.  That’s a useful thing to remember.

Now let me move to the second part of the answer, having to do with vibration and attraction.

2) Vibrational matches and Abraham-Hicks

For those of you who don’t know, the entity “Abraham” is channeled by a woman named Esther Hicks and transcribed by her husband Jerry.  The materials so produced are generally about living in abundance, creating prosperity, and working with your mind to be a powerful co-creator of Goodness in your personal life and in the world.  The teachings are very wise and have helped many to “get their heads on straight” about money and lack, scarcity, and being in good relationships with others.  I like the books and think Abraham’s teachings are very sound overall.

But still there is a lot of confusion out there about the Law of Attraction and your personal vibration.  I’m not going into the whole thing here, except to do my best to answer this reader’s question about how you’re vibrating and what you attract.  It’s such a great question, because it goes to the heart of so much pain that many Indigos carry, and a lot of confusion.  So let me see what I can do to get things sorted out on this topic.

It would also be helpful for all readers to take a closer look at my 11:11 posts on Universal and Spiritual Laws, and study them.  They will help you to figure out where in your own mind you’ve gotten off track.  And what you need to do to return to living the way you want.

It is almost inevitable that what you encounter in the culture around you will provoke your anger and disdain.  Few structures and systems here are working according to the 11:11 Laws.  You and I and our Indigo brothers and sisters are here to restore those Laws into practice.

The basic question is about the temporary energies you feel when you are fearful or angry; do they interfere with your ability to manifest goodness and prosperity?  With your ability to live harmoniously in your own skin?

The answer depends on your personality patterns to a large degree, but also on your overall mission and purpose and whether or not you are living a life that aligns with that mission and purpose.  If, for instance, you are in a “stalled” place — not moving forward toward a specific project or active in work or play that makes you feel satisfied (at least for the time being) — then you will probably be more vulnerable to these moments of temporary challenge — as you will when you feel some of the greater consciousness shifts as they move powerfully through humankind.

On the other hand, if you are well aligned and on a path (either spiritual or personal) you can more easily weather the temporary nature of what you encounter.  It’s like having an anchor to your boat in a storm; rather than get blown completely off course and out to sea, you can stay where you are until the storm blows over and then resume your journey when you’re ready.

Now as for the Law of Attraction. I do believe that these transient swings into anger can affect what you attract to a certain degree.  This is why most spiritual teachers tell us to avoid cultivating anger and angry outbursts or actions, as they tend to produce karma (Law of Cause and Effect.)  The energy of anger, when indulged, leads to suffering — yours as well as others.  This is why it is not encouraged, in most spiritual traditions.

On the other hand, I personally feel that anger has a purpose:  and in Indigos it’s to alert us to specifics that need our attention in creating change — even if that turns out to be making others aware that it’s wrong.  Sometimes, it takes a “shock” for others who are not yet awake, to be able to see that something IS wrong.  THEY certainly aren’t going to notice it!  So when we have those outbursts, we can actually be doing what we’re “supposed” to do — being the iconoclasts we are, and forcing change where it’s needed.

So if you find yourself feeling angry, the best thing to do is to be aware of the Universal and Spiritual Laws — and to work with your own mind and heart to master yourself.  Learn how to use your anger as a tool and force for Goodness, rather than as an emotional reaction from a “victim” space that does not align with your higher self and calling.

And while we’re on the “victim” thing — abandon all thoughts that you are a victim.  Take charge of your mind.  And learn to use yourself in ways that your soul will respect.  You can and must do this.  This is your biggest answer and hope.

Now, let’s come back to the Law of Attraction.  I find that so long as I am continuing to move towards worthy goals and stay attuned to Source, the temporary energies of negativity (whatever they be and from whatever source) can be managed successfully.  In other words, I can rapidly offset them by taking immediate positive action such as:

— turning my mind toward Source

— going to a still place and getting quiet

— fostering an “attitude of gratitude”

— replacing the negative thoughts with their positive corollary

— putting some positive energy back into the Universe through unselfish deeds, preferably anonymously

— setting my ego aside

These all work quickly in most cases, and help to offset any energies I may have attracted.

So the thing to do is to assess the “damage” and read the energies correctly.  Experiment.  You will soon find, as I have, that the faster you shift your attitude, the faster you get back on track and reverse anything negative that you’ve attracted by losing your temper, or by becoming upset, or feeling depressed.

It’s a matter of self-discipline and self-mastery.  And we all have to do this, whether we’re Indigo or not 🙂  Indigos aren’t exempt. As quickly as you can lower your vibrations, you can raise them.  So work on that.

3) Making a difference and maintaining your integrity as an Indigo

To best answer this question, I want to explain something I learned from my Native American teachers.  In many traditions, one or more persons volunteer to be what might best be called a “form-holder” whose job it is to be in meditation and maintain a clear light within themselves, that serves as a beacon of peace and calm at all times.  Whenever anyone in the village or community is disturbed or upset. they can “tune in” to that person (or group of persons, in some cases) — and know how to find their own inner compass again.

Indigos are like the “form holders” for Peace, Love, and Light on this planet.  We vibrate something that all humans are trying to reach as a species.  And whether or not each of us as individuals is able to maintain that vibration on an hourly, daily, or permanent basis is not the point.  Together we provide the necessary beacon of advanced and higher energy fields, to which all humankind can tune in, to raise their own levels of awareness and consciousness.

If you doubt this, turn off the media (in all forms) and just meditate.  You can feel that the energy fields of humans have risen — are rising — and will continue to rise. But you won’t read about it in the newspaper or see it on TV.  Yet.  Perhaps one day that will happen.  But we don’t need the media to tell us what we know and feel inside.

Oh yes there are certainly problems and we’re not “there” yet.  But we’re making enormous progress.

And every Indigo contributes just by being alive at this time.  We may not always connect with one another in person — but we can and do with the Grid of Light we’ve built.  And, if you really want to, you can connect with thousands of other Indigos all over the world, at all ages,

So go out there and live the best life you can and have fun!  The fact that you got here and are sharing your vibration with the world is mission enough, in many cases.  We have reached critical mass.  The ascension process is now irreversible.  We need no longer hope for a future time; we need only work with ourselves and allow the Light within us to become brighter.  All is well. Truly!

More soon on related topics.

Meanwhile, let me know YOUR thoughts!  I’d love to hear what you think about what I’ve said, and what YOUR answers are to these questions.


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