Apr 17 2009

Indigo Support Flower Essences

This Spring has already been so busy, I just keep finding myself having to let some things go so that I can get here to post updates. This one, I think you’re going to like. I just updated the Indigo System Support Flower Essence formula with a whole new batch of important flowers!

This new flower essence formula is JUST what you need to keep your electrical system really healthy and in balance, no matter what’s going on “out there” ~ or even sometimes “inside”. With these flowers you’re going to be just fine. All the time.

The original formula has flowers to keep your subtle bodies aligned properly; The new one also helps you adapt quickly to the accelerations and shifts that our planet and our cosmos is going through. This is especially important to prevent your circuits from overload or causing imbalances that lead to illness or depleted immune system function.

The changing seasons can also be challenging to our energy fields, and the Indigo Support Formula will help you adjust to that, too. The new flowers I’ve added come from three different continents, and help to stabilize your journeys as well as keep you oriented in the time-space continuum. (Hey, if you’ve been struggling with that one lately, this formula is DEFINITELY for you!)

If you’re wondering what in the world you can do to feel better these, days, I’d suggest you start with the Indigo Support Formula. Go here to order today. And tell your friends!


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