Jul 08 2009

Too Old To Be Indigo? Nope!

A reader asks if she’s too old to be Indigo, having been born before the 1980’s. Of course not!   She asks further, “What does it really mean for me to be Indigo, and how can it help me in my life?”



As I’ve said in other posts, Indigos have been here for decades before enough of us arrived in a wave big enough to be noticed as a “phenomenon.”  The earlier ones generally had a bit harder time of it, as there weren’t so many of us (even though we might often feel as though there could be others like ourselves in the world somewhere — as if we could sense the vibration of like energy, even if we couldn’t always tune in to it or locate it geographically.

I know this is true because it’s how I experienced things as a child.  I could “feel” others out there, but I had no one of the same vibration close to me with whom I could confide, or who could mentor me.  But that was part of the challenge I signed on for; my soul knew it would be this way, even if my conscious mind didn’t at the time. Perhaps that’s how your journey has been, too.  But this is all changing now.

As I see it (and many others now, who are realizing their true nature, are starting to talk about this too) there were some small waves of us who came in at various points starting in the late 1800’s.  Some of them were the settlers across the western states in the US; others were in positions of power in industry or politics; and still others simply came to increase and accelerate the vibrational field.  It’s most likely that regardless of status within a family or community, these would always have been the rebels and the “misfits” — but also those who were not afraid to lead the charge for change.

Those who came in during each decade thereafter continued to build an increasingly higher vibratory field within humanity, until during the 1980’s the vibrations were high enough that massive waves of Indigos (and then Crystal Children) began being born all around the planet, largely because of our prior work here to create the right energetic field that could support so many highly spiritual and sensitive children.

And at the same time, together we formed a grid of light around the planet, into which we are locked and can attune any time we want or need.  And so can anyone who wishes to raise their own vibrations.  This is what it means when anyone refers to the Light Grid around the planet; it’s the energetic field of Light and Love that completely circles and encloses the Earth, like a shield but also like a beating heart.

So all of this speaks to our collective purpose here.  But what does that have to do with YOU as a person?  Everything.

When you know your soul’s purpose, you can relax within the particulars of your journey, and find activities and support that is appropriate to you.  Now, with the internet as one of our tools, we can connect with others of like vibration all over the world.  I have personally spoken or been in contact with kids and adults from every continent; we are everywhere, and the Light is spreading.

What this also means is that you are not alone.  There are millions of others like you, many of whom would welcome your friendship, acquaintance, and gifts.   And it means that you DO have a purpose, just by being here — whether you are aware of a greater “personal” purpose or not (which may or may not be the case for any one individual.)

It also means that you are very much needed here.  You are right on time, and your energy has enormous value.  That which is not yet filled with Light, is being readied for an “upgrade.”  That’s what we are each and all here to do.  And despite the news media (which in most cases isn’t helpful) it’s actually happening faster than we know.

Go ahead and reach out.  You will find comfort, understanding, and relief to know that your journey (while perhaps a struggle) is not in vain — and that you have allies who you may yet encounter.

Keep yourself strong and fee.  Keep yourself focused on the high ideals of how you know it can be, and how you LONG for it to be.  Then add a piece of heaven here and there, however and whenever and by whatever means you can.  THIS is why you’re here!

Stay joyful and connected to Source ~ and be welcome as you discover even more dimensions to your soul’s calling and longing for connection and expression.

What do YOU think?  What does being an adult Indigo mean to YOU?

I’d love to hear from you.


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