Jun 05 2009

Indigo Awakening

Finally, the other new book by Dr. Janine Talty is a very important addition for both adult Indigos, and for family and friends of adult Indigos. Why? It explains the adult Indigo experience from the inside out, from what it’s like to grow up Indigo without having the support systems in place that you would have liked. There are some surprises in it, especially for those of you who ask yourselves, “Why me?” I think you’ll find a great many answers here — and a lot of hope and encouragement.

In addition to being Janine’s personal story, it’s the story of all of us. And it contains helpful overviews on what this whole adult Indigo thing is about — why we’re here, what’s going on, and how YOU can free yourself forever of the nagging doubts and questions that have plagued you in your solitary little bubble that makes you feel like you’re so different you wonder why you got here in the first place. There is a reason for you to be here in this time — and it’s awesome!\

Here’s a link to get Janine’s new book. Get it and read it now:

If you’d like to listen to an interview Janine did today with Ilene Dillon on Blog Talk Radio, go here: Janine Talty interview.

I’m loving this book, and relating to many of the ideas she writes so fluidly. I think you will find in it some important information, that’s going to make YOUR life easier and more joyful and free. This one is truly a gem! Here’s the link again for her new book Indigo Awakening: A Doctor’s Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World

Lastly, I’d just like to say that reading Janine’s book makes you feel like you really are at home at last, with a VERY kindred soul You owe it to yourself to feel that way too!


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