Sep 05 2008

Hurricanes: We Need Some Help Here

Hurricane Hanna is about to make landfall in the Carolinas, with two more behind that. Hanna is going to play out just fine, bringing some much-needed rainfall to some of the states like Georgia that have been having a bad summer drought.

We did some good work with Hanna! The effects are going to be great. Thank you for working with Nature and the elements to co-create a beautiful outcome.

But Hurricane ike is a different kind of storm.. Let’s talk about what we can do.

First of all, please return to my previous post with links to the weather URLs and several suggested meditations about weather.

Secondly, I am getting some interesting information from Hurricane Ike. The system tells me it can change direction (more easily North than South, which is too bad, because South might be a better track.) It can also change velocity, which is good.

But its purpose is to re-ionize the area! Apparently there is a need for a certain kind of energy that needs to be recharged, and Hurricane Ike is “assigned” that task.

What we may want to discover is how that could be done without also causing destruction of property or harm to other living things. Let’s get to work as soon as we can on this; time is of the essence here, and the sooner we get started on this, the better it’s going to be.

Keep checking back on this storm, tracking the changes, and stay in communication with it (and with Nature) until things are worked out harmoniously for all.

Oh, and once again, thank you!


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