Sep 03 2008

Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, Ike, and Josephine

Holy cow, we’re getting an entire “family” of hurricanes in one week! Thank you, and good work, people — with Gustav; enough people got on board at the last minute to assist with the co-creation work Thanks!. (You know who you are <grin>!)

But Fay and Gustav were just for starters. We have some real work ahead of us out there.

What it looks like to me, and from the check-ins I’ve done on this, we have a situation where there is some powerful generative energy out in the South Atlantic, that is kicking up storm systems. Rather than wait until they reach landfall in the islands or onshore in the Americas, it seems like it would be a good idea to do some work out in the Atlantic area.

Now this is going to sound crazy (it even sounds crazy to me as I write it) but. . . it’s information that could be useful in our work here. I see large crystalline undersea structures deep in the Atlantic, that are consistently “broadcasting” signals that disturb the elements, which then form storm patterns. The storm patterns, once formed, follow pretty much consistent pathways toward land.

Now, one thing we can do here is to work with the EARTH energies below the seabed in the Atlantic Ocean, and see what co-creative work is being called for there. If we can do some work to alleviate stressors in that region, it’s very possible that we can calm things down quite a bit. (Maybe, maybe not. We need to explore this avenue and see what’s what.)

I just looked at the weather maps over this area, and sure enough, there is a neat string of storms churning their way towards land. So here’s what I see that we can do. (Remember, we are NOT to interfere; we simply want to connect with the elements and the storm entities, and assist with the clearing that needs to happen, while preventing harm to life and property where possible. And that really IS possible! We saw that with both Fay and Gustav. The meteorologists are still not sure what happened, hehehe. . .maybe it’s better that way!)

Here’s the link back to the page for more information about weather maps and suggested meditations.

What I suggest we do next, as soon as possible (and whenever the thought comes to you):

  • Affirm that all is in harmony and balance.
  • Recognize that Nature is Intelligent — and powerful — and so very willing to work co-creatively with humans.
  • Work with each storm system individually, as well as all five elements (earth, air, wind, fire, water, and ethers) to learn what the purpose of each system is, and what it can and cannot do in terms of movement, velocity, strength, etc. Request appropriate changes.
  • Extend your attention to the entire broader area of the Atlantic Ocean, to what is below and above. See if there are changes that can easily be made, that will assist with calming all the elements in the greater areas surrounding the Atlantic. My early assessment is that there is much work we can do here.

As always, many blessings and much gratitude for all the work you have done so far, and for all the ways it has helped save lives and property. It is a thankless job, because the people who have been spared probably don’t even know about our work.

That’s OK with me and hopefully it is with you, too. We know who we are and what we’re doing — and that’s enough. So, because you’re not likely to hear it from others, let me say it to you one more time, loud and clear;



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