Jul 20 2008

Hurricanes Christobal Passing, and Dolly Brewing

Today we’re working with two Atlantic storm systems, one glancing off the coast of the USA and the other brewing out in the Atlantic . As before, it is time for we humans to become conscious of — and demonstrate — our ability to work as a co-creative partner with Nature. This requires some mental and emotional adjustment! Let’s talk about that.Unless you have been taught to work co-creatively with Nature and the natural world, you may be adopting a prevalent societal view that there is separation between you — and everyone and everything else. That view is distorted — because it does not come from Source, for one thing.

A more conscious view is one that recognizes the relationships we share with all living things. And to learn and accept that Nature — and the planet upon which we live — are alive and conscious. So are the elements, and all matter in the Universe. Scientists are demonstrating more and more evidence toward this view regularly.

If Nature is conscious, then humans can work with Nature in all matters — including the weather patterns. And if we can, we ought.

I reference here another recent post which explains how to start working consciously with Nature, to assist with the peaceful cleansing that the planet needs to remain healthy — and to allow the changes to occur without damage or harm to populated areas or living beings. Yes, this is possible. And it’s going to take many people working together toward this end.

Here’s the post that explains what you can do.

I invite you to share this information with as many people as possible, so that together we can make a difference in ways that may seem in this moment miraculous. They are not. They are instead response-able actions.

Please open your heart to accept a new way to be with the weather patterns. The skills you learn in doing so, will serve you and all living things well.

Thank you!


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