Sep 07 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike is growing in strength and velocity. The area it affects is huge and growing. But when I have been working with this storm system, I notice that the center of the storm is very coherent and responsive. There is more work to do with this storm, if we have any hope of preventing a disaster when it reaches landfall (as it most certainly will.)

Here are my suggestions.

First of all, the work that we have already done with this storm system is helping, despite how serious it still remains. I just checked with the energy of Hurricane Ike a moment ago, and got some encouraging information:

  • Ike CAN change direction now. It is possible for the new trajectory to change from its current position, to several degrees south. 5-7 degrees south would take it away from the most vulnerable areas and into areas where the potential damage would be less. Ten degrees would be better, so we could try for that.
  • While Ike’s core is currently coherent, it CAN spread its energy field over a wider area, which would disburse its impact in any one area. This is like changing its current configuration from a central, powerful core, to one that is spread out over a much wider area. Think of spreading jam on toast, for example. This change would need to happen with an upward movement, rather than downward toward the ocean and land. We can ask ike to change HOW its energy pattern manifests as it proceeds, so that it becomes a “wider” storm but with less power. That would actually be helpful, according to Ike’s purpose.

We need “all hands on board” for this one, people! Remember that we are not interfering, we are working co-creatively with Nature. Nature wishes all to know that the patterns we see are inevitable results of previous interference with the Earth’s natural functions, and that when we work co-creatively, it’s not an “either/or” deal: everyone can win. Earth can make the changes it needs, and humans can reduce the damage and loss.

Please send this update to as many other Lightworkers as you can. We can do something important in this moment, with THIS storm. I think we need more people working on this one, to make the changes needed. I’ll be monitoring this closely.

Your comments and questions are welcome.

My blessings go with you, and my thanks.


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