Sep 16 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

That was one big storm system for sure! While I suppose no one is happy with the damage and loss of life that resulted, readers of this blog can know one thing for certain (and it’s no small comfort, this. . . ): it could have been so much worse, without the work we did.

Here’s why.

  • When we first began working with Ike out in the Atlantic, the system was already a Category 4. We brought it down to a Cat. 2 before it made landfall anywhere. (And it was still devastating when it did.)
  • When it entered the Gulf of Mexico, the trajectory was on a straight line for New Orleans. We turned it south enough degrees that both New Orleans and the major refineries were spared destruction.
  • When Ike worked its way across the Gulf, it attempted to pick up both volume and intensity. Our work helped to spread the force over a wider area (which meant that more areas would be affected, but also that none of them would suffer as much as one area would have, had it taken the full force.)

Nope, that wasn’t perfect. Nature can do worse. And we can do better.

Looks like we get a break this week from storms. Lord knows the financial markets are taking up the slack, though.

Best bet this week? Take time to rest, play with your family, inspire yourself with creating something fun, and turn away from whatever around you feels like conflict ~ or that tries to engage you in fear or anger. Just don’t.

Take extra good care of YOU, and share some of that brilliant light you carry. Others all around the world need a little of that special sunshine right about now. And if YOU are the one feeling a need for some extra, read more here on this blog. Or drop a comment here. There is plenty for everyone ~ and more if you share what you have.


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