Aug 18 2008

Hurricane Fay

Well we have a new storm system in the Atlantic right now. Hurricane Fay is fixing to kick up a bunch of trouble. Her energy reading is “mischievous” right now — and she really could do some damage.

When I tuned in this morning, what I got was that the elements in the 100-150 mile radius of the tip of Florida really need to “blow off some steam.” The earth really needs to do some energy discharge in this area. That’s Fay’s purpose — to blow off some of that steam.

What I recommend for a meditation is that we ask Fay to direct the energy upward (toward the skies) rather than downward (toward land or sea) — and that the opportunity for resolution come over the seas rather than on land. To do this, Fay would need to turn direction.

Fay is on a very tight trajectory, with very little room to maneuver, but she COULD move just a degree or two eastward, which would place the storm path more over the seaboard than inland. I don’t know whether this would help much, but it might.
Here are the links for the Hurricane Watch web sites, where you can watch the patterns and use them to work consciously and co-creatively with Nature and with Fay. She’s a feisty little storm — but she might take on the challenge of trying to change course. Let’s see if she will!

For those of you working with the earth energies, many thanks for your assistance with these storm systems; together we can make a difference. For those of you skeptics or observers, at least keep an open mind <grin>. Co-creative science is a new science and we are all learning a lot as we go.


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