Aug 20 2008

Hurricane Fay Doesn’t Wanna Go Away!

The work we did with Hurricane Fay was just Round One. Now it’s time to renegotiate! Seems like this storm system has more clearing work to do, and isn’t going to be happy until that energy really has a pathway to move out.

Fay is now able to take a wider arc, so moving out to sea would be one possibility. But if we are going to ask the storm system to move just because it would be convenient, may not be the best outcome for the area. So this needs some rethinking.

What would be a good idea is to repeat the meditations we gave you previously, and open communications directly with the Hurricane Fay system. What we all need to learn is what more clearing is required, and how the storm can help do that without causing more destruction. If we are open and willing — Fay will be too.

A lot of wisdom — and co-creative work — is needed here. For that reason, Hurricane Fay is a very interesting storm system. Good practice for Earth Workers and Light Workers, to build some different “muscles”!

Let me know if you have specific questions. Most of all, be clear that we are NOT here to interfere — only to work co-creatively toward common and shared goals. Nature is only too happy to do this. And since Hurricane Fay was created by — and is part of — Nature, that’s where we need to connect, and see if we can make a difference here.

I know we can.

Will we? Let’s find out!

The results should be obvious.

I’d be curious if others wish to post your experience of this storm system here, along with your thoughts or questions.


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