Jul 07 2006

Hurricane and Storm Preparations

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This is the season when hurricanes traditionally form in the mid-Atlantic ocean, and elsewhere, depending on weather patterns.

Those patterns have become more and more erratic, as the Earth itself is under more and more stress, and as humans have affected (and sometimes interfered) with the workings of Nature.

Our human consciousness was given to us for a purpose — one of which is to us it for a greater good. Humans — and Lightworkers especially — need to practice working *with* Nature as co-creative partners, to assist the energy flows that are needed for healing (for ourselves, the planet Earth, and for the Universe.)

You don’t have to be “into” this to help. All you need to do is to think about where, inside you, Love lives. And, when you learn of storm patterns brewing anywhere on the planet, send some Love energy to that area.

We can also direct our considerable intellect to assist some much-needed changes here. As stress begins to build anywhere (you might feel this as physical discomfort or pressure in your own body, or sometimes as the emotion of anger — out of proportion to what is before you in your daily rounds) ~~ then is the time to go to work, and engage with your own energy first, then with the greater global energy that is building.

Here is a meditation that can be done daily to assist in taking the destructive power out of the summer storms. Lives may depend on us doing this simple thing!


Here’s what to do.

1) Ground yourself in whatever spiritual practices you do.

2) Connect with Source and re-member the Love, re-member that G*d (or Universal Intelligence/Creator/Great Mysterious — whatever you choose to call it) is nothing but Love.

3) Breathe in peace. Breathe out discomfort, pain, fear, anger. Keep doing this until you feel yourself at One with Source, Light, and Love. (It takes whatever it takes!!)

4) See the areas of the Earth that are disturbed, fill with the glowing light of your peace, love, and goodness. Allow the love energy to permeate everything — the sky, the waters, the earth, all life forms, everything. Give this the blessing of your heart, mind, and soul.

5) If you sense in your body, mind, or spirit — or if you receive images of disturbance — do not engage them. Allow them to flow and move without hindrance out into the ethers, where they also become part of the available energy of possibility for all Life and all things. Do not attach to it, judge it, or stop it — just notice, bless, and allow. Encourage the continued free movement, and for the energy to peacefully flow with Light and Love and blessing. Infuse it with the idea of blessing and peace. And so it will be!

6) Thank the Nature spirits who guard and protect Earth and all her Creatures. Thank and bless the Angels and Lightbeings who guard and protect you. And ask for their continued blessings for yourself and for all the beings in all the worlds and times.

7) Before you return to your tasks, bless yourself and remember that your connection to Source and to all Life does not only happen while you are meditating — it happens every moment.

Take your conscious connections *with you* out into the world! This alone will create new energy fields of goodness, peace, and light where there may be suffering.

Our combined actions — prayer in action, really — can make an enormous difference.

As further news emerges watch for emergency bulletins from me — I will offer meditations and ways to connect. Together we can create alternative results for the world, in very powerful ways, without interfering with any cleansing work the Earth needs to do to heal herself.

I humbly invite you to join me in this work if you feel so called.


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